I am a 24-year-old ordinary guy (a technical university student actually) from Poland and like everyone I have my dreams and goals. Before writing my first eBooks on social media marketing, I was mainly involved in sales in my family business. I became interested in business thanks to my father, who is a “veteran” of traditional business in Poland, because he introduced one of the largest pharmaceutical concerns to our market – it was he who infected me with a passion for building business. You could say that I had a very good foundation from which I could learn and which I used of course. From the age of 16 I started going to various types of meetings, negotiations, reading business books and attending various types of business conferences. In 2016, when I was 20, I started my first online luxury coffee store. That’s when my adventure with online business began. Since 2018, I have noticed that online sales work best in social media, especially if we take into account the young generation, so we cut ourselves off the typical sales model and focused only on online. Sales were going well, but I began to see another potential in the knowledge I had learned. Why focus only on selling coffee in Poland when I could share my practice with the world. Then the idea was born to combine the 24 years of experience I had learned from my father and my current 4 years of experience with social media. So, I created eBook courses that brought together both the worlds of traditional business and online business.

What made you decide to teach people about social media marketing and not traditional business?

Because it’s the future of business. We live in times when world around us is constantly changing. Less than 10 years ago, when the first social media was created, no one assumed that it would look like it does today. Social media has revolutionized the world not only in terms of communication and connection of two units on the two ends of our planet, but also in the way of building business. It used to be said that if you are not on Google then you don’t exist, now it is said that if you don’t build your brand on Instagram you are losing millions of dollars a year and I mean it quite seriously, the numbers are in the millions not thousands. Why is this happening, well, it’s all thanks to a new generation born into a world where social media already existed. Young generations don’t go to shopping malls, at least not so often to buy clothes. They go to Instagram, see what their favorite influencer wears and buy clothes online. This is a fundamental change in business that we have been noticing for several years. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube. This is where the young generation of customers is, not on the radio, not on TV, not even on Google, but on social media. Not to mention the cost of advertising on television compared to social media are incomparably greater.

So, what should entrepreneurs do in order not to go out of business?

They should buy my courses (hehe), but definitely change their attitude. Something that worked 5 years ago doesn’t work anymore. You have to adapt to the new generation, speak their language and stay in their environment – that is, social media. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed that most entrepreneurs make is advertising, not branding. They focus on pushing their product by force to anyone who sees their advertisement, this is a very big mistake. It’s as if they entered a bar, saw a beautiful girl, walked up to her, knelt down and proposed. You don’t have to be a genius to know how it ends. Building a brand is about dating, kissing, scratching the back, in other words a marathon, not a sprint, but if someone is well prepared, he will achieve his goal. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs want results right away than work a little longer and get a bigger piece of cake. In their place, I would choose a longer path and start building a brand, not just advertise my products.

What do you think is the future of business?

Now we live in the world of smartphones, which 10 years ago weren’t as popular as they are now. Please think what will happen when we switch to voice commands in 10 years’ time. It will be a huge blow to business and many businesses will cease to exist. You don’t believe me, please tell to your iPhone, “Siri find me the best lawyer in New York.” Of course, Siri will show you the best lawyer based on the amount of opinions on the Internet, not his experience, not the number of cases he won or the school he finished. The future of my business, your business and other people’s businesses now depends only on whether we start building strong brands on the web, especially on social media. If we don’t start, our companies will cease to exist in 10 years and it is a fact and not a guess, technology is currently heading in this direction. That’s why it’s so important to get started now.

So, what’s your blueprint for success in social media?

My blueprint for success is very simple. First, you need to build a community around your social media accounts. Second, you need to create or find a great product or service that will help in the life or business life of this community. Then show them the benefits of the product or service, and finally deliver it to them. This is very simple and I teach everything step by step in my eBooks.

Okay, last question, what are your next plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to help a million entrepreneurs build a strong and recognizable brand in social media with my courses and bring a lot of knowledge and value through my content to everyone who follows me.

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