Visionary behind 'Voice for India'

She exposed the truth and reality about India, that the mainstream international media and certain Indian media refuse to convey the truth.Her aim is to report the truth about India from as she have been traveled to India over 20 times. Renee Lynn is an author of ‘India stripped: Voice for India’ and ‘Narendra Modi – Mission Impossible: The New 21st Century Iron Man’, born & brought up in New Jersey, United States of America, who hold the bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.

Mind behind ‘Voice for India’ mission as she started to get the facts and truth out there to the world. “Politicians to the mainstream media in India and around the world that represents false facts about society for their own political agenda is very upsetting to me. This is why Voice For India have been started, to debunk the propaganda and fake news media against India”, she recalls.

Active socialism is very powerful in relating your message to the world. Unfortunately, most social media sites are so biased against certain groups even though they are sharing the truth on their part.

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In today’s world activism have divided into 2 parts, soft activism and hard activism. Soft activism meaning social media and hard activism meaning going out and protesting. Social activism is a great tool for those that feel injustice has occurred or wanted to take an action against something you believe in. Activism has been successful in both promoting progressive change and stopping injustices occurring. “I have taken soft and hard activism on the Citizenship Amendment Act passed in India by the Prime Minister’s Government. It has caused widespread rage and riots around the world. Celebrities to politicians to average folks speaking their mind on some level”, Renee says

With social media being on the forefront today, women are constantly being shown and heard that they should be measured by their appearance and the growing influence of social media these constant messages are almost impossible to escape. Societal pressures to conform to other people’s perceptions of what they should be continue to keep girls from even imagining all they could be.

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Renee mentioned, “If a girl wants to be an astronaut, an entrepreneur, an engineer, she should be encouraged to pursue those avenues as well, regardless of whether she also wants to have a family. The point is, there are no limits to what women and girls can accomplish and we all should be encourage them to make sure they know that. It’s our job to empower women and girls. Regardless of age, if you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s go ahead and move forward in confidence that you can be who you want to be, it’s never too late and never too late to dream big. Many sell themselves short in life and give up because they believe the labels of what society has labelled them. Don’t let others’ labels determine your future, make your own labels for yourself and surely don’t let erroneous stigmas stop your goals. You can do anything if you believe and have faith”.