Women mental health

Women are proven to be more sensitive than men! Hence, their ways of coping up with stress and tension are also different than men. The current pandemic situation has created palpable energy around the world. People aren’t able to move in and out of their homes freely. Also, there is a constant fear about the virus despite the vaccination drive all across the globe. It does affect women’s mental health, and they need to address this with helpful and straightforward wellness guidelines.

Helpful mental wellness tips by Michael Osland

Hormonal imbalance is one of the significant outcomes of acute stress in women. It makes them get into loops of the same thought. Some women tend to worry and procrastinate more in the current situation. Women must take care of their mental health during this time to not fall sick or don’t end up feeling mentally stagnated. Here are some helpful wellness tips to share to remedy this.

  1. Meditation can bring in the required calm

Women need to find their inner peace and calm during such turbulent times. And one of the best ways to do that is through meditation. Practicing meditation doesn’t require any special training. You can take some time out from your busy schedule, sit in a quiet place, and focus on your breathing. You can also use a mantra or a phrase while you meditate. It will help you to calm your nervous system, bring down the stress hormone cortisol and help you to regulate your hormones better. It ensures mental and physical well-being.

  • Music helps to release stress.

Music can have a healing effect on time mind. Many holistic healers and authors often suggest that people should spend time listening to music every day so that they can release their stress and anxiety. It also helps in inner healing. So, take some time out and tune in to your favorite music. If you don’t have any particular preference, you can opt-in for classical music or instrumental music and listen to it. At times, humming your favorite song while listening to it also helps you release your mental stress and feel better.

  • Connect with a community

Do you have any special interests? For instance, do you love to bake? Do you read spiritual books? Or do you have an interest in painting mandalas? If yes, then you can connect with a community associated with it. When you connect with like-minded people, it helps you share your thoughts with them and feel a sense of bonhomie. Also, community meetings and activities will give you a sense of purpose and direction. It can help to take away your mental stress.

  • Reduce news-time

It’s essential to stay updated about the world! But excess news time can add to your worry and stress, especially now. Hence, it’s a good idea to avoid the news and use the time to do something that you enjoy, so retain peace and inner balance.

As perMichael Oslandwomen need to address their fear and stress differently. These are some of the wellness guidelines that will help women boost their mental health during the pandemic.