Sarahbeth Hartlage

The pandemic outbreak has affected people across the globe! It’s has been painful for people globally to witness massive infection and death rates. Also, people who have got affected by the virus have noticed ample weakness post the recovery. That is not all! There has been a sense of mental stress and anxiety, which is an after-effect of the pandemic. Women and men respond to stress differently, and they get affected differently, as well. Hence, women must take good care of their minds and body during this pandemic phase.

Women wellness guidelines by Sarahbeth Hartlage

Women must check their stress levels due to the pandemic. It can lead to hormonal and other allied problems. Women can also feel left out and discouraged in the current situation. Hence, women must follow the basic wellness guidelines by Sarahbeth Hartlage.

1. Reduce the stress levels

It is one of the most obvious things to do! Stress can make the mind and body respond in a way that makes women feel sick and stagnated. One of the best ways to move away from stress or manage it better is by getting engaged in activities that make you happy. For instance, if you feel better by watching a light-hearted movie over a news update, it makes sense to choose the former. It is also essential to reduce overthinking and focus on thoughts that help you to feel positive. Keep yourself engaged all through the day in doing positive actions that will help you to feel better.

2. Meditation is mandatory

There is no way that you can reduce stress and anxiety without meditation. Today, most women are discovering the hidden advantages of meditation. It is a holistic practice that helps to regulate the breath and brings it to a balanced state. That is not all! It prevents the mind from pondering on negative thoughts and outcomes. It is essential to start meditating every day. Ideally, every woman should meditate once during the day and once before going to sleep. It helps to regulate the hormones and helps to bring peace and calm. Many women have started practicing meditation during the pandemic phase and have reported relief from anxiety and tension. You can decide a time that you find best to meditate in a day.

3. Daily exercise is essential

Today, it has become all the more important to count on your happy hormones. One of the best ways to do that is through exercise or any other physical activity. When you exercise, you release the physical toxins and also stress from your mind and body. One of the best forms of exercise for women is yoga and Pilates. It engages the mind and body and helps women to feel at ease with themselves. That is not all. Today, you can opt-in for aerobics classes as well. There are options for online courses, as well.

It’s time for women to get careful about their health and mind during the pandemic phase. The guidelines above-mentioned will help them to bring balance to their lives.