Women are always the leader: An inspiring story

Whenever you hear the title leader, instantly before your eyes an image or personality of a man must have come. But why this? A leader cannot be always a man. A woman can also be a leader. Why not the personality of a woman leader has crossed your imagination? A leader can be anyone whether a woman or a man. And in India we have had many women leaders who have successfully led and still are leading in their conferred field. 

The scenario of equality has changed. It is not now gender basis. Where it was and is, it is gradually getting rid of. It is now total equality in all ways for men and women. What do you think how future would be? Filled with more women leaders? We hope it must be. It is still but people want to see more people leading everywhere standing on front taking as much as men can do. They are not weak.

The present is changing and it will change the future too. Those parents and their daughters would be more in stars that they are seeing the brightening lights. Now daughters don’t have fear of someone dragging them from achieving their dreams what they want to. 

The condition of women in every part of the world in the past, if go into much back was always down and derogatively objectified. It is the struggle and voices of many women and people who wanted and want change for their women have lead them to today’s future where they are seeing that everything is getting into the right direction what they have fought for and as they have imagined.

Today’s daughters have got all the opportunities for studying and pursuing their dreams and imaginations. They are not just understood the people who are only made for working in kitchens and doing daily chores of household life. 

It is great thanks to all those people who have done this amazing work to change the condition and situation of women around the globe. Even though a lot of work still to be done and they are doing it but now you can take some minutes of respite. 

When a daughter is born, she brings all the joy of life to parents. The same way when daughters lead nations they bring prosperity and richness to everywhere. Hence a woman or daughter, by whatever relation you want to call her brings always the good things in life wherever they are. 

So when a daughter is born to you, say thanks to God and celebrate her birthday with all exhilarating enthusiasm. If you want to go something different in nicer ways then you can use birthday wishes for daughters. These nice words when you say pour the shower of all the blessings and joys for your daughter. 

Things apart, we are going to tell you a short story of a daughter which is inspiring and how she took up everything when her father died due to covid-19.

A little inspiring story of leadership of a daughter for her family:

It happened somewhere in India. A married man died of covid-19. He was a delivery man for a famous food company. In his family there were two daughters including mother. Father died and there was no source of income for the family. So to run it, the girl took the job at the same company where her father used to work. She became herself food delivery girl. She was just 16. She is still doing the job in the company. 

But here you can see how a girl came up ahead knowing that her family needs someone to run it. Now she is the sole earner in the family. She is proud of it and with she is also studying too. She doesn’t do whole day deliver work. Only that much which is needed to run the family. So how inspiring this is and how inspiring this daughter and woman.