The Internet is meant for all, then why we hear less of female names when it comes down to digital marketing, technology, or so? Is there actually a gender-bias issue in the Internet industry? Well, the question has been raised many times, but often, the debates and discussions are based on nothing but speculation!

A sense of biasness prevails, making people feel that women get less from the same plate. According to a recent survey conducted by Moz on industry salary, shockingly, women are paid less than their male counterparts, despite same qualifications, experience, and other relevant aptitudes.

Sad isn’t it!

While the report surprised everyone and stimulated an unending discussion, a few still assume the difference is because men have better abilities, higher performance, and maybe they are more ambitious.

But is it so?

When you peep into the stats in detail, you will see the bias is not only real but also quantifiable!

Gender Bias and the Search Marketing Industry

A survey at WordStream showed all the top performers in a review of “how satisfied are you with the client service rep?” being males. Bitter but true! So does that mean men are actually better search marketers than women? Or the gender bias is in a role here?

Well, the former sounds more mysterious. But how do we prove that?


Are Men Actually Better at Search Marketing than Women?

This is the era of search marketing, and you can measure almost everything here. So if we say men are truly better at search marketing than women, there must be some proof. Even the Digital Skills Gap Report brings light to shortage of skills, mainly in the retail sector & other small businesses.

But one of the most shocking facts that showed up in the stats is that women were 11% digitally better than men, yet they account for less than 1/3 of the digital marketing workforce.

You know what’s worse? Merely 6.5% of executive directors in Ireland top companies are women. It lowers down the figure even below the EU average of 10.2%. Besides, 71.7% of the total digital marketing workforce is male.

Many researchers have found women to be better at digital skills, including search, email, display, social media, digital strategy, planning, and mobile. So I say when they have got the capability, talent, and the skills, why do they still remain in the back? Is it that women lack confidence to go for the senior digital roles? Or the women themselves believe they can’t make it up to the digital world?

Well, more women in the digital world can help build better digital economy!

Here’s why.

With more than 150,000 jobs in the digital market (predicted by 2020), followed by a shortage of the required skills in many nations, including Ireland – the underestimation and limited representation of women in this workplace can have significant implications on the digital economy.

If the tech-savvy female marketers are taken in on senior digital-making roles, more women would be motivated to step forward and adopt digital marketing skills.


Getting Some Inspiration from Female Leaders

If you aren’t convinced as yet to get up and show your skills, maybe some words of wisdom from a couple of world’s inspirational leaders will!

Don’t lose confidence, don’t be sorry, and never give up!


Because women are as good, talented, and better as men!

Need some help? A little guidance from the female leaders in the digital world might help! (even men!)

1:- Search For an Inspiration Leader

Some inspiration is always helpful and guiding. Women need to find a leader, a mentor to look forward for knowledge. It will bring more confidence in them, and help make better career decisions, and make the most of opportunities. Treat your work as your career, not merely as a job vacancy you see every other day!

2:- Never Give Up!

Well, this implies to almost any field or work. You should never give up, and keep on trying new things, embracing even the failures. Perseverance is a message all younger women in the digital world should understand. Talk about your failures and learn from them. At last, what makes people succeed is never giving up!

3:- Find Your X Factor.

Everyone has some unique thing about them; all you need to do is just find it ladies!

Find your special skill, insight, and use it to your advantage. The key you need to open the doors of opportunities is being a little diverse. Find different ways to innovate ideas, experiment things, and share insights with the people they can’t think of. Your clients and audience want change, so be one!

4:- Be Confident as Hell.

You may know the process, yet you are shy of speaking it out loud. Don’t be!

Have confidence and trust in yourself, and when in doubt, like everyone is sometime in their life, don’t let the walls hear! Whatever is in your mind, speak it out without be shy over things that may not even happen. Don’t sit tight for someone to drop things in your hands as you will be left empty at the end like this. So never let others’ opinion or behavior about you degrade you or your performance.

5:- Don’t Give Up Learning.

Learning is the building block of never-ending success. The role played by consistent learning to keep you updated and abreast of things happening in your field is undeniable. Whether it’s an article, book, or a blog by an expert in your field, stay on top of everything.

The Final Words

As a marketer, I want to empower women in the digital marketing field to walk that extra mile and prove their dedication, knowledge, and how they can be better at something when they have the passion, experience, and talent!

It is one of the principal reasons why I share articles with all you to share my expertise with you all so that you can too, succeed in your career and be the next inspiration to not only women, but everyone in the digital world!