Fashion is an inevitable part of our lives. But it is so much more than a piece of clothing. Fashion is how you choose to define yourself through clothes. It is a statement you make. Dressing yourself is a way to refine your personality. But buying one cloth after another is not going to improve your style. New clothes necessarily do not mean better style. More clothes are not always the right choice, but here is why taking conscious decisions is the need of the hour. 

Fast fashion and exploitation

 Low priced fast fashion has made things harder for people, especially women.  It has become necessary for women to keep buying clothes if they want to be in trend. Cheap fast fashion takes a toll not only on the environment but also on factory workers. Many clothing brands exploit their workers by not even paying the minimum wage.  The fashion industry has become saturated with cheap fast fashion brands, but this is where conscious fashion comes in. Thobias is a clothing brand for women founded by Kevin Thobias that promotes conscious fashion at an affordable price. 

Choosing conscious brands

Thobias was created by Kevin Thobias, an entrepreneur, who is known for his successful ventures in the stock market. He recently became famous for his Tesla stock success. Thobias had invested in $2 Million worth of Tesla stock, and exited with $12 million. He invested the money when  everyone around him warned him against it. But Kevin trusted his gut.  When asked about it, he said that he had a hunch that Tesla would do well. “They had the capability to scale up, so for me the investment made sense.” After his success in the stock market, Kevin wanted to branch out. So, “Thobias” became his new venture. Brands like Thobias are few to come by,  but they are reliable. 

Why choose conscious brands

Better quality and durability

There are plenty of clothing brands in the market for women that offer stylish clothes at cheap prices. But the durability of those clothes isn’t dependable. Cheap clothing comes at the cost of  quality. Many cheap clothing brands are financially successful, but their clothes do not last long. Buyers compromise with the quality when buying from cheap fast fashion brands. Those clothes don’t even last after a few wears. 

Range of designs

Kevin studied the problem and came up with his clothing brand “Thobias”. He believes that women shouldn’t have to compromise quality for price. While most of the fashion brands copy each other, Thobias is about creating unique pieces at affordable prices.  Thobias is set to redefine the concept of online retail with original, unique pieces. Kevin shared that the clothes are European inspired, meaning it will be designed in London but manufactured in LA.  He aims to attract a clientele that is fashion conscious. The target audience for Thobias would be an affluent clientele who cultivate their style with taste and quality in mind. 

Moreover, the brand won’t be focusing on only one type of clothing. Like Fashionova which only focuses on creating clothes for the curvy body types and special events. Thobias will be offering clothing to women for almost all occassion. It will specialize in a line of quintessential dresses for several different occasions including cocktail parties, special events, or simply going out. Kevin Thobias has been in business for long, he knows how to branch out. 

Environment Friendly

Like other conscious clothing brands Thobias is also concerned about the environment. Fashion production causes 10% of humanity’s carbon. On top of that 80% of the produced textiles go to the dump. Meaning they are rejected and burned down, leading to high carbon emissions. Few fashion brands have started better planning campaigns to reduce waste production. Thobias promotes conscious choices. You do not need to buy cheap clothes that will end up in landfills after 6 months. Rather, you can buy one high quality cloth that can last you for years. Conscious fashion is environment friendly. 

Thobias will be launched in May of this year. Kevin believes it is the perfect time to launch the brand. The world would be on the verge of putting the pandemic chapter behind. People would be stepping out more, meaning they will be dressing up more. Thobias clothing is for any woman who wants to make a statement within a budget. It is also for women who want their clothes to last, anyone who wants to make a conscious fashion choice will definitely love what Thobias has to offer. 

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