Today is Women’s Equality Day, so I took the opportunity to speak with some incredible women on their motivation, inspiration, and how they feel about Women’s Equality thus far.

Business coach and entrepreneur Megan Yelaney gives great insight on what equality means to her, and how she supports other women.

What does equality mean to you?

Equality means that everyone is given the chance to create the life they want,no matter their background, upbringing, color of their skin, or anything else.  What we do with those chances is up to us, but we have to start first with having the opportunity to truly make our lives any way we want to-and that start with equality.

Who are some women that inspire you?

Michelle Obama, Oprah, Rachel Hollis, Gabrielle Bernstein, Beyonce, Amanda Bucci,Sarina Philipp, Jen Sincero, Mel Robbins, and so many more. 

What are some ways that women can show support to one another every day?

Say at least one nice thing to one woman everyday, that doesn’t have to do with their appearance only.  If we could start slowly spreading that love every single day, it can turn into a snowball effect and lift all women up. 

How are you celebrating Women’s Equality Day?

Spending the day with one of my amazing clients planning her epic future and then dancing on the beach!

What do you love most about being a woman?

Our strength.  The amount of things we have to experience in life, both physically and emotionally, is so huge, and we handle it with such strength. Our resilience to care for others and truly want to make others feel loved is also a super power. 

How do you spread girl power?

I share inspiration on Instagram and empower women to start their own businesses so they can be in charge of their financial future and take control of their lives. 

What are some of your favorite woman-owned brands?

Goddess Garden, City Girl Coffee Company, White Lion Tea

What does the future of women’s equality look like to you?

I think and hope it’s very bright.  We now, more than ever, must continue to make women’s equality paramount, because the work we do as women is so important.  The amount of incredible programs, companies, and products that have been started by women that are enhancing and improving lives is so large, but we’re just starting to scratch the surface. Now that women are feeling more empowered and equal they can truly start to be themselves and give their gifts to the world in a time of need. 

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs? 

Stick it out. It’s going to be hard, and you’re probably going to want to quit. DON’T.  The struggle makes the high points that much more sweet, and the world NEEDS you right now.  Just know there will always be an up if you’re experiencing a down, and you can take every perceived failure as a learning experience.

About Megan Yelaney:

Megan Yelaney is a life and business coach, who went from starving artist to earning multiple 6 figures as an entrepreneur in the past two years. She’s also the creator of Client Attraction University, a 10 Week Group Program to help online coaches gain more targeted ideal clients consistently, and is helping female entrepreneurs create more purpose in their day to day lives, while still building the empire of their dreams. She’s helped clients such as Chelsea Kaller earn $6k in just one month, and Kayla Ybanez have $17k program launch.