Established in 1915 amid the global turmoil of World War I, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has stood as a steadfast advocate for global peace, disarmament, and gender equality. WILPF is one of the world’s oldest women’s peace organisations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It tirelessly addresses the root causes of conflict and promotes a sustainable, just world.

A Multifaceted Mission

WILPF’s mission is multifaceted, centring on promoting peace and disarmament. The organisation believes that lasting peace can be achieved by addressing the underlying causes of war and violence. In parallel, WILPF champions gender equality, emphasising women’s crucial role in peace processes and decision-making at all levels. Additionally, the organisation strongly focuses on human rights, advocating for protecting and promoting these rights, particularly for women.

Global Reach and Local Impact

WILPF’s impact is felt globally through its international headquarters in Geneva and national sections in numerous countries. This structure enables the organisation to address local issues with a global perspective, making its initiatives more effective. WILPF’s programs and campaigns, which include advocacy, education, and direct action, have successfully influenced policies at international forums, produced insightful research and publications, and raised public awareness through workshops and seminars.

Only Solidarity will Bring Justice,” Madeleine Rees

Opportunities for Involvement

WILPF offers various opportunities for those looking to get involved. Individuals can join as members to support the organisation’s mission and participate in its activities. There are also options to donate or volunteer, contributing to the cause financially or by offering time and skills. In essence, WILPF stands as a beacon of hope and action for a peaceful, equitable world. For more information or to get involved, visiting their website or contacting their Geneva headquarters is a great place to start.

Madeleine Rees: Leading the Charge for Human Rights

Madeleine Rees, the organisation’s Secretary General, is at the helm of WILPF. Madeleine has been instrumental in steering WILPF toward a more robust focus on gender-sensitive peacebuilding, ensuring that women’s voices are integral to conflict resolution and peace processes.

A Career Dedicated to Justice

Madeleine Rees’s career is marked by profound impact and unwavering commitment to justice. Her efforts in combating human trafficking and advocating for women’s rights in conflict zones have solidified her status as a leading figure in the human rights community. She has received numerous accolades from international organisations, highlighting her contributions to human rights and her relentless pursuit of gender equality.

An Inspiring Legacy

Madeleine’s legacy is one of influence and inspiration. Her career has shaped international policies and practices and inspired a new generation of activists and lawyers dedicated to the cause of human rights. Through her work, Madeleine continues to demonstrate that with dedication and courage, lasting change is possible.

For those who wish to learn more about Madeleine Rees’s initiatives and the ongoing work of WILPF, visiting the WILPF website or following their social media updates is highly recommended. Madeleine Rees remains a beacon of hope and a powerful advocate for a more just and equitable world.


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