You may be wondering why you’ve had recurring dreams or even dreams of you seeing things from another person’s point of view. How often have you dreamed and saw yourself from your own eyes?  What do dreams mean? There so many meanings that are not commonly nor popularly discussed when it comes to matters of the subconscious. Dreams often tell a story, sending a signal of some sort. When one remembers their dreams it is usually a message to trigger a memory, a thought or an answer to something a person has been thinking about recently. Whether or not you physically open your mouth to ask a question, if you have asked the question to yourself, then “yourself” will answer you in a sense.

Dream symbols

There is a book called Interpretation of Dreams, written by Sigmund Freud. In this book, he goes into great detail about dream analysis. Freud basically theoretically states that while the human body may be sleeping but at the same time the unconscious mind is constantly producing images that can give open us up to insight! Throughout history, dreams have always been very symbolic in a sense. Dreams are more linked to emotions. Many people are fond of those popular dream dictionaries but the truth is that every single person has a dream that is an effect of their current state of mind state. 


To help direct your dreams it is best to limit sugar intake before bedtime, or even nap time. There is a common saying about the stomach being the second brain and in a sense, that saying is very true. We have been taught for many years to indulge in brain food and avoid junk food. Although there is food that seems to affect one’s mood, each food that enters the human body affects a certain area. There are arguments that foods may actually be the cause of a person remembering their dreams more vividly because certain foods may have caused you to awaken in the middle of the night. Studies show that the sooner a person realizes that they are in the dream state, they focus on recalling the dream sooner than later and at that point is when details are still very fresh. 

Dream Meanings

In this day and age, dream-interpretation books are very common. As stated earlier, it is also commonly frowned upon. It is advised to keep an open mind and to forget the negative aspects and focus forward on how to help yourself understand more clearly. Journaling has become very popular over the years, but dream journals are now a hot commodity. The idea of keeping a journal that is specifically for your dreams, under your pillows or near your sleep space is very important and highly effective. Often times we are receiving messages in the dream realm and they can be quickly forgotten. With practice, you are able to quickly and clearly recall the importance of dreams. By keeping a journal close to you, that eliminates the issue of exhaustion from having to look for the journal. By writing down your immediate thoughts and memories as soon as you wake, this helps you contain those important messages, images, and visions. This is all very important especially if there has been a dream that you have been unsure of. If you choose to reference a dream book, compare it against the notes in your dream journal. Also, pay attention to the trends and patterns, this will help with clarity.

Dreams vs Reality

It has been said many times that some of the best artists in the world attribute their work to discoveries from the dream state. REM sleep is probably the state that produces the most vivid dreams. It is important to research the different states of sleep and how to alter the dream state for each one. During dreams, there are a lot of random things that occur and oftentimes, there is always a meaning or message attached to them. It is up to the dreamer to pay more attention and practice more at interpreting their dreams in a realistic way that honestly resonates with them.