wood carved gnome

Coronavirus caught us flat-footed. It has changed our lives drastically. Luckily I have a good relaxing hobby that helps me to stay calm even in the current state of things.

We need to stay home for now. While it’s much easier when you have hobbies. I love wood carving because of the feeling I get while carving wood. It’s magic to be able to turn out a piece of wood into something beautiful. All you need to get started with whittling is a piece of wood and a knife.

A lot of valuable information about wood carving can be found on Youtube. In addition, on Facebook, you can find many carvers that will be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Whittling being extremely relaxing can help to deal with your inner problems. You need to be focused during your work with a sharp knife and all your heavy thoughts will leave you.

If you’re ready to start right away but don’t know what knife to choose, I recommend you to try BeaverCraft knives. They won’t let you break the bank because the tools are sold for a fair price. You’ll enjoy a durable blade and comfortable handle of every knife you get from them.

In addition, if you don’t know what wood to choose, try basswood. It’s softwood and it will fit perfectly for any woodcarving project.

What could be better than sitting in your room, listening to good music and carving new beautiful projects? It’s right what we need these days. And hopefully, we’ll get through it.

Wish you to try this relaxing hobby and always stay calm!