A song becomes more fascinating and intriguing when it is re-sung with a foreign context. Afterall, there is something about the difference in language, which grants it the opportunity to be re-expressed (and re-interpreted) through another style and setting. In addition,, there are other ways of envisioning its beauty; as the song travels into other lands. I’m never gonna’ dance, again. There is a sweetness, when delving into the reasons why a person refuses to engage in the very art of dance. It could be due to the brokenness of hearts. Others may experience dance, as the loss of one’s love. And still, it’s the very treasure of dance, which moves one through a period of intimacy (and stillness). So, why give up this art of healing? Could it be that one is no longer experiencing healing, through its very form?

Moving into Hong Kong waters, the very intimacy of dance is a testimony to its Universal delight. Dance is warm. It moves one through a period of grace, understanding and responsibility. Dance also embraces the very treasures of healing when one’s heart has been, broken. Song: Meng Huang De Yong Bao.

Rejecting Dances In The Wellness Of Time

Anita Miu