Every morning ?, the sun rises. Through this natural jewel, we are given another chance in getting things right. Somehow, we are one of the lucky ones. Always remember that not everyone has that privilege. Therefore, when provided with this opportunity, how important it is to give praise to Most High. How imperative it is to give praises to the Creator for.the power of being, alive.

There are songs, which are geared towards the rising of the morning sunset. These songs have a way of moving one in a way, which we never thought possible. Should we need inspiration in the very start of our day, we are consistently granted this opportunity. Nevertheless, how Heavenly it must feel to move through this tender delight of excitement and awakening. Morning time is the right time for the assessment of self. One is granted a sense of purpose. Should you forget the very blessings of the morning rising, just immerse in the sunny energies, for being, alive! Another reminder. Not everyone is permitted to such grace!

Anita Mui