If only they could be together soon. Why does one have to wait until old age in order to see each other? Why does time have to be against someone. Yet, hope continues to reign, in the dreams of seeing that special someone. Hope moves on and grants us the strength that beliefs will transform into realities. One day. One day. We will be together, soon.

Yet, if only (if only), they could meet together, in youth. For, during that time when they see each other, they will be permitted to, love again. However, the grey hairs will be obvious. Time’s passing will have had a great distance, and one will have forgotten that with its passing, there is the presence of, age.

Thank goodness, there is the sea. Should two people, in love be at a distance, they will at least have the sea to bring through a blessed love! Thank goodness for the sea! Always remember that water has its own way of keeping in tuned with the rhythm. It truly does. That’s the power of nature. It is free from human ego and the need to control. It simply goes through its natural step; bringing things closer within its own timing. One day, one day, they’ll be together, again.

Song: Elbet Birgun Bulusacagiz

Sea’s Aging Of Distant Love

Behiye Aksoy