When a woman has made it clear that she is done with you, there is no turning back. For she does not have time for your games. Even more she refuses to play. The games of love have ended, and there is no new chapter with them. That’s for sure. For, there is no nourishment to in the performance of games. Who wants to find themselves having to go through such agony and turmoil? Some will say that love is a game. Well, that’s only if some dare, to play.

A vocal melody, found in Turkish domains sings of “Oyun Bitti.” Translation: Game Over. Over and over he leaves andreturns. Leaves and returns. Having the audacity of destroying, while thinking he has the “right” to return, again. No. He does not have this right. Love is supposed to move one through the wellness of the Divine. Forget the games, as they serve no purpose. They are on the abuse of power, in the mistreatment of another. Walk away from the manipulation of love’s play, for they serve no purpose, but to destroy. When the love is real, there are no games. Song: Oyun Bitti

The Burning Of Games ?

Behiye Aksoy