Sometimes, we can get caught in the falsehoods of love that we missed out on the real thing. Afterall, there are different illusions when it comes to the presentation of, love. What we think we need is not what we need. So often, people miss the very treasure, which is right in front of them. How painful that they hurt what can actually be good for them! Leave and return. Leave and return. Why is it that so many people torment the beautiful Spirits, which could grant them value? Why do they enter and leave, without consideration for the damage it brings?

The lovers he has been with give him no love. In the very end, it’s been her, that he has wanted. So, why the constant pain? Why doesn’t he simply stay with her? Afterall, it’s with her, where his heart lays. ❤ It’s with her, where peace, harmony, and the true essence of love, reigns. So, why doesn’t he go with, her? In and out. In and out. At the same time, he wants her to comfort him. He wants her to be his beacon of hope; the savior of his heart! He wants to be comforted from the pain he cannot escape. Song: Sokul Bana.

A Comfort’s Paradox To Escape

Lauren Clark

Harun Kolcak