Life has a way of getting the best at us. There are the hardships. The frustrations. There is the laughter at life’s chaos. Then, of course, there is that moment for our personal breakdown. It can be downright heartbreaking. Nevertheless, there are tools, within our midst. Should we find ourselves overwhelmed with the complexities and pains of life, we can always turn to the music, the arts, and the song.

It’s funny, isn’t? Life always has a way of reminding us of our vulnerabilities. Afterall, we are human, aren’t we? Our humanity goes through those trials and tribulations. It compels us to move through a deep period of of introspection. In fact, it’s one that we may not always, comprehend. We may not know our reasons for going through such painful challenges. However the case may be, the tools of creativity (i.e. the arts, music, and others) have a way of bringing us back, again. They, in addition to the Most High, have a way of reviving us, once more. Thank the Divine we are not alone. Thank the Heavens we have a way of getting through certain turmoil, from the very moment they arise. Song: Chase

Creative Waters Of Re-Birth

Leslie Cheung