There is an old — and extremely played out — adage that goes:

Actions speak louder than words.

And while this phrase still rings true on so many levels, are actions the be-all-end-all? Are we supposed to take actions at their face value and not question anything any further?

Yes, actions do speak louder than words. But should actions be the final deciding factor in whether someone is trustworthy or not? How much harder is to manipulate actions as opposed to words?

If you ask me, it requires the same amount of effort.

So why not add one final criterion? Why not assess the energy that the subject in question is exuding?

That way, you’ll know with absolute conviction whether someone is legit or not.

Just because someone is going through the motions and appears to have their words and actions aligned, doesn’t mean that they actually are. It’s just as easy to manipulate someone’s actions as it is to manipulate their words.

To discover what you’re looking for, all you have to do is look deeper than the surface.

I don’t mean to sound bitter and senile, but I’ve witnessed and experienced too much deception and BS to turn a blind eye and not speak up.

Even though people may appear friendly and honest, integrity-driven and honorable, I’ve learned that words don’t mean jack shit. Sometimes, actions don’t mean jack shit, either.

I’ve observed countless people completely flip the script when it comes to their morals and values. All that had to change was the people or circumstances around them.

Talk about lack of integrity…

So I’ve arrived at my conclusion that words and actions alone cannot be relied on. Energy needs to be considered. It must be complementary to these expressions. Only then will you know for sure that someone is the real deal.

I know it’s not an uncommon occurrence that people lie to each other. It’s also not a rare occurrence that people act in ways that are not true to their identity.

The only fool-proof way of determining a person’s true motive is by observing and determining whether their words, actions and energy are aligned.

Energy Doesn’t Lie

Unlike perfecting a poker face, learning how to lie like a rug, or simply faking it til your make it, energy cannot be disguised or manipulated.

You cannot alter your energy in any way. It’s manufactured from within and only your subconscious has the ability to tamper with it.

I believe that a person’s energy will tell me everything I need to know about them.

Like I’ve said, I’ve seen and heard too much BS to believe everything that people say. I myself have been the source of BS and deception. I’m all too familiar with the vicious cycle of deception.

But you know what? Shit happens sometimes and you just gotta own it, work on it and move forward.

Now that I’m a little bit older and a little bit wiser, I need to make sure words, actions and energy are aligned — kind of like how the body, mind and spirit and should be aligned and in-sync.

At the end of the day, maybe I’m just being too spiritual and thinking too deeply. Maybe energy doesn’t even matter. Maybe in order to matter, something has to be tangible. Maybe external is where it’s all at…

Unfortunately, I guess we’ll never know the answer. All I can do is continue to do my thang and live my life according to what I believe.

But regardless, I will do my best to maintain my energy levels at where they’re at.

Because as I have recently discovered:

Your energy is your essence which cannot be disguised.

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