Sometimes, the music moves you. Even more is how it pushes you through a sporadic beat. Dancing is one of the epitomes of freedom. It grants one the natural medicine of feeling free. Whatever levels of toxicity enters the mind, just know that it can be cleansed away, through the simple artistry of dance. Dance moves us through places (and spaces) we may have never felt possible. Dancing without planning is a natural elixir, which heals pain, during any lasting moment. That’s the reality of, dance.

Going back to that old-time music ??, we hear the style of the boogie woogie. In addition, we are doing it, through the measure of, 12! What is special about this euphoric number. Furthermore, how does it gain a pleasure of moving through a dancing rhythm, in a way, which is harmonious?

Dancin‘ in 12’s brings love, through a long and harmonious way!

Song: The Twelves

Harmony Of Dances, Through A Nourishing Way

Kokomo Arnold