When you are young, lack experience and have the whole world ahead of you, it can be exciting, confusing and fearful all at the same time to navigate how you should live your life.

There is no one-size that fits all recipe. How you live your life depends on many factors: your family, your culture, your values and your upbringing. There are many factors that can influence your life and shape who you are.

But the one thing that is often quickly dismissed or not emphasized enough, is the power of YOU.

Just be cause you are young, lack experience and haven’t made much significant impact in this world, doesn’t mean your visions, your perspectives and your passions should be judged as less than ideal.

If there is one word of advice for my younger self, it would be to take serious of me: my own views, my own opinions and my instincts. Parents may guide you. Teachers may share their knowledge and mentors may offer you wisdom. But there is no replacement of YOU. You need to be comfortable to internalize all these experiences and learn how to make sense of them for how you want to walk your path in life.

My younger self may like the comfort of holding onto my parents’ hands, or the comfort of following a predictable career path, or to conform to the values that are acceptable by our society.

But the older self will say that at some point, you have to let go of the securities, take calculated risks and challenge the society values that may not feel right to you.

You have the power within you, waiting for you to unfold it. Don’t let it stay stagnant for the entire life. Once you have learned as much as you can from others, gained as much experiences as you can in life, it is time to bring on your own power to make a difference in this world.

Be bold and dare to dream.


  • Cynthia Leung

    Clinical Pharmacist, Blogger & Influencer, Educator and Speaker

    A pharmacist by training who has developed a passion in writing. She enjoys sharing her view in life and wellness. Through her writings, she hopes to help others to discover the best in them, to inspire them to spread compassion and contribute something beautiful to this world. She also has her own blog (www.drugopinions.wordpress.com) that focuses on sharing her knowledge in medications and to inspire the community to engage in safe medication use.