The adventures of love take place in the land. When a man has decided to find adventures with a woman in the context of nature, he has become truly intertwined with feminine energy. It doesn’t take long for him to recognize the beauties of Earth’s vegetation. Green coloring becomes the very symbol of his sense of awakening; and he is partaking in it, with her.

Roses. Daffodils. Mountaintops. Black lands. Vines. Green leaves. Colors. Smells of the fresh Earth. The colors of your wearing. All of it soothes the journey for an Earthly tale-a love story, at hand.

Hand-in-hand, they journey together, throughout the intriguing lands. There is a Divine nature, which is being renourished, re-treasured, and re-stored. Man is re-learning about himself, all over again. And, it is through this Earthly woman.

Lessons are learned throughout this very song. Sometimes, it requires returning back to the delicacies of Earth’s sensory. It’s necessary in order to move through such a loving tale. Afterall, nature has a particular method of reminding us how she is involved, within our lives. She does it elegantly, and she does it very well.

Daffodils. Roses. Black lands. Mountaintops. Vines. Green leaves. Red dresses. Knowing love, well.

Song: Dereboyu Kavaklar

Green-Scented Adventures Through Red Decor

Baris Manco