The work is more and more stressful! This is not only an impression but a result of numerous investigations. And the problem affects all levels of the hierarchy. Where does this trend come from? Are all circles concerned? State of play of the growing tension in business

Locksmith Markham Business life is far from being a long quiet river. And it seems more and more true!

Too much pressure.

Rising unemployment, increasing precarious work, layoffs… the world of work is going through a crisis. Not to mention the possible bullying and other harassment this seems to be increasing. But are we witnessing a real increase in pressure or is it the highlighting of an existing phenomenon today widely reported by the media? According to the work of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 28% of Europeans say that their work is a source of stress. France would recently be in the leading group of employees who are the most stressed.

More and more stress?

Stress at work seems to have increased sharply in recent years. For the Economic and Social Council, which has just published a report on the new risks to the health of employees, the fault lies with the new work organizations. Globalization, and the competition that goes with it, would thus be in sight. According to this report, the work is more and more intense and the margins of maneuver more and more limited. Among the causes of stress: increasing isolation of employees and the disappearance of a more collective organization.

Executives on the front line

According to the work of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, there are profound differences in terms of stress, depending on the profession and the field of activity. Thus, the least stressed in Europe are workers, employees… and soldiers! At the other end of the scale are the technicians, managers and scientists. 30 to 40% of them experience daily stress in their jobs. According to a survey, executives mostly have the impression that their workload is heavier, that they have to work faster. , and that their efforts are not recognized at their fair value … Another survey, carried out by the Usine nouvelle and the Stimulus cabinet in February 2004, underline the greatest pressure to which women are victims. But apparently this trend is being reversed…

Better protection?

Today, there is a real awareness of the threats to the mental health of employees. Thus, new laws were passed, such as the recognition of moral harassment (in 2002). Likewise, the employer has an obligation to carry out prevention in terms of physical but also mental health. Finally, many coaching firms and other training bodies have specialized in stress management in business. They meet with growing success. Because managers have understood it well, eliminating stress is essential for the health of employees… and of the company!