In order to live you have to have money. Now you work as compulsion and seek relief through entertainment, holidays, religious, spiritual activities and so on.

We are consumed by compulsion and relief pattern in daily life. One does not see that this pattern, this inclination is the cause of all troubles.

One is so much attached to ‘relief’ offered by holidays, entertainment, religious and spiritual activities that one’s other days, other activities automatically become ‘compulsive’. This divide does not let one see ‘what is True’.

Religion-spirituality has also degenerated to the assumption that you have to work (as compulsion) and spirituality and so on will provide you practices, ideas for relief.

All complications arise for the individual as well as for the society as this divide is not seen, understood, solved. Once you notice your bondage to this pattern of compulsion – relief, fused state touches you.

What if something is presented to me in which I am disinterested?

See the fact of disinterestedness; see the uneasiness disinterestedness is creating.

Do not treat uneasiness as alien. You can run away from a discomforting situation but not from the uneasiness it is creating within you.

Action emerges. Then either you do it or not do it. The side you take is hundred percent. You become conscious of doing or not doing it.

You have become the creative impulse of the Universe.

Life has evolved as more and more multi connected process. As you are not directly producing the goods and services you are using. We are using almost all the goods and services produced by others. You can not operate as separate, safe, secured, independent.

In order to be in the world, in order to enjoy connectivity (which is life), in order to enjoy possessions, relations, situations-you have to absorb the resistance (fear, uncertainty) you face in daily life.

Apart from immediate physical danger, all resistance is psychological discomfort. To absorb this discomfort without any explanation is the key.