I have been a work-from-home mom for over 20 years. Working from home is a great way to stay home with your kids while still bringing in a full-time income. However, it can be challenging to be a present mom and keep your designated hours of productive work time.

Your stress level will rise quickly when you have deadlines to keep or phone calls to make while your kids are simply “being kids.” Here are a few ideas to prevent Work at Home Mom Burnout.

  1. Embrace your mistakes. You will “fail” at being a mom just like you will “fail” in business, but as you’ve learned, failure is part of the process of succeeding. My motto is there is no such thing as “failure.” You either win, or you learn.
  2. Create a schedule or to-do list both for work and your personal life. Just realize that you won’t always get everything done, and that’s perfectly fine. Celebrate your small accomplishments rather than beating yourself up over the things you did not get done.
  3. Automate as many bills and errands as possible. Spend one day a week running around town getting everything done for the week. Have your groceries delivered, pay your bills online, and have a service pick-up your dry cleaning if you can.
  4. Enjoy your kids. Take some time to play with them every day. Have a picnic lunch in the yard, take them on a little field trip, or do a fun TikTok. You’re a work at home mom because you want to spend time with your kids. Work and house chores can wait while you have a little fun.
  5. Get some exercise. Go for a walk, join a gym, or try a yoga class. Exercise will not only keep you in shape, but it’s also a great de-stressor.

“I teach my kids how to fail and embrace their mistakes. Success is easy when you conquer the fear of failing.”

Start implementing a few of these ideas today and watch your stress level go down. You will prevent work at home mom burnout and get to enjoy life more. Your family will appreciate spending time with a fun, relaxed, and productive mom.