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As the clock strikes noon, most of us begin to wonder about lunch plans. And on busy days when we’re working from home, it can seem so much easier to simply power through tasks without a pause, and skip a lunch break entirely.

On one hand, we know how beneficial even a few minutes of downtime can be when it comes to our focus and performance. In fact, researchers at George Mason University found that study participants who took just a five-minute break during a 45-minute attention task outperformed those who took no breaks at all. Another study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology confirms that lunch breaks allow workers to recover during the day and can increase their energy levels over time.

And yet, with so much evidence pointing to the positives of taking lunch, so many of us fail to take advantage of the opportunity to recharge. So as we continue to work from home, these strategies will help you make the most of your lunch break so you can take on the second part of your day feeling energized and inspired. 

Create a plan with your partner or roommate to make meals for each other 

Depending on the demands of your work schedules, you might be able to take turns making lunch for each other. It’s a great way to share the load and find time to connect — and having a plan in advance will help you avoid throwing together last-minute unhealthy meals.

Swap a healthy treat for your go-to sugary comfort food 

If you find yourself reaching for unhealthy comfort foods, find a delicious snack that still feels like an indulgence — without the sugar. Try a bowl of berries instead of a cinnamon bun, or a fruit smoothie instead of ice cream. 

At the end of every lunch break you take, ping a co-worker to ask how they’re doing 

This way you’ll habit stack forming valuable connections on top of a healthy meal. 

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