Jeremy Rudd

“Remarkably ambitious, he knows how to achieve dreams by working hard and improving day by day in the field he is working”.

The kind of success and the level of momentum certain industries and fields have seen can be attributed to the relentless drive and passion of youngsters who put every possible effort into taking their industries to the next level. The same could be said about the film and entertainment industry, which has so far given birth to some of the greatest talents in the world. Jeremy Rudd is one name that has been making all the buzz right now in Hollywood for all the right reasons. He has been roped in to play the lead in a new feature film titled “The Night of The Heist”, where he would be playing a character named Jason Maddox.

“To create magic on screen and offer the audiences something different always can be a challenging task, but these very challenges can take out the best from an actor,” we feel his newest role as Jason Maddox was also challenging, which is why he took it up to not just entertain audiences with something new but also see how far he could go in his craft and how well he could do justice to this one of a kind role.

Coming from Seattle, and since the beginning, if anything that attracted his attention the most, it was all things creative and artistic. For his love for the films and his quest to make his unique niche as a model and actor, this American talent dived deep into the space and since then has been excelling at his craft. This is the reason he keeps getting newer projects.

Apart from his, other actors are Nathan Rudd as Nick Maddox and Mike Merrill as Carl Jackson. The action-drama film is about two brothers who run into the woods to stash a stolen diamond of 18 million dollars. A year later, they realize they don’t remember where the diamond was buried and thus begins all the action, suspense and drama in the film.

He looks unstoppable in all that he wants to do as an actor, and we can’t wait for his newest feature film to release.