Life is very complicated these days. However, often humans are the ones who make it this complicated. Life should be about the simple things. Everyday should be a new adventure to explore, a new mission to conquer and new lesson to learn. Between work and obligations the most important thing we need to remember is to take time for ourselves; time to relax, unwind, unplug, unhitch and untuck.


Don’t be scared to unwind after work. Heck, even unwind at work. I know that is not possible for those who work in the corporate world. Yet, I have learned I enjoy my work more as a writer because I can work from anywhere. What, it’s a beautiful day outside? Bring your laptop outside. You want to work in your recliner? Go for it. If your job doesn’t allow relaxing on the job, then make it a habit to relax after work. Define what relaxing means to you and make yourself an after work ritual of it. Unwinding means relaxing and letting go of deadlines, negativity and life’s problems. Just take a moment to breath and remember life is more important than the work you do.


We are all guilty of sitting in front of our screens for hours at a time. However, there are so many studies that show our mental well-being and health are better when we cut our screen time. So, go ahead unplug for an hour or two every day. Instead of being in front of the electronics, read a book or go for a walk or better yet call a friend and go out with them, without your phones, of course. Keep in mind though, being out in nature is one of the most freeing ways to unwind and unplug. Yet, just the act of turning off your electronics is so refreshing. You never realize how much you are missing out on until you shut off your phone.


This is the most important thing to do. You need to unhitch yourself from negativity. This means unhitch yourself from people who are bringing you down, unhitch yourself from negative thoughts, turn off negative media, news or shows that are agitating you. When you unhitch yourself from negativity, you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy life. So, when you walk through the door at the end of the night, leave the baggage at the door. Don’t bring that energy into your home with you. Do not unload it onto someone else like your spouse or kids. Leave it at the door and if need be pick it up on your way to work the next day. Your home should be free from stress and negativity as much as possible. Some stress is unavoidable but remember to unhitch yourself a little every day. You will be so much happier that you did.


Some jobs require you to wear formal clothes or uniforms. When you get home, take off your work clothes, untuck your shirt or get into something comfortable. The act of taking off your work clothes will put your mind into the mode that I am no longer at work and now I can relax. If you decide not to change your clothes and watch television, your mind could self-consciously think about work, about how frustrated it makes you and that defeats the purpose of just lounging and enjoying life. Not only that, who wants to be in their stuffy work clothes when they get home? Relax, be comfortable, be you! Home is your place to enjoy you. Let your home and what you wear put you into a comfy sanctuary.

Many of this may seem like common knowledge but remember to unwind, unplug, unhitch and untuck every day. Doing these four things will allow you to feel a bit freer and will help you to live life more stress-free. We know stress kills. So, find the joys in the simpler things. Release yourself from negative thoughts. And learn to enjoy life with less. It makes all the difference. It truly does.