I believe that the key to success in all aspects of life starts with a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I am a big believer in working out 5-6 times a week and maintaining a clean diet. As a writer and entrepreneur, my weekdays involve a lot of time working by myself from my in-home office, typing away at a computer. The only way I am able to write and focus all day is by working out for at least an hour before I get started, or even during my lunch break.

After spending years practicing the same fitness routine at a gym, I decided to look for an alternative that would help me achieve new results and even provide a social aspect to my workouts. Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco had always been on my list of fitness routines to try. A few weeks ago I finally managed to work up the courage to take the Butt and Abs class with Barry’s instructor, Thomas Stracke. I was blown away by how intense the class was – which combines both endurance and strength in 60 minutes – but felt so accomplished by the end.

San Francisco is a city filled with entrepreneurs and busy professionals, like myself. Most of the time these individuals are so overloaded with work that they forget to take care of themselves. Incorporating a regular, efficient fitness routine into your day is necessary though, which is why Barry’s Bootcamp is a great option for busy entrepreneurs and professionals.

Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, Erica Stenz, leading a class in San Francisco

Each Barry’s class is an hour long, which takes up very little time during the day. And every day a different class is offered, which focuses on a different muscle group. The classes at Barry’s are designed to pair opposing muscle groups to ensure your body gets a balanced workout and proper time for recovery. Overall, Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the quickest and safest ways to transform your body and make you feel good all day long.

I sat down with Erica Stenz, one of Barry’s top trainers in San Francisco, to learn more about how busy entrepreneurs and professionals can get the most out of their workouts with Barry’s.

Erica Stenz of Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco

Q: How is Barry’s Bootcamp different from other workouts?

Barry’s is the most efficient workout I’ve ever experienced because it combines strength and endurance in 60-minutes. But what truly makes us different is our community. At Barry’s, we are family and we encourage one another to keep going to reach new goals.

Q: What is your favorite Barry’s class and why?

I personally love teaching butt & legs class the most – because of the people that come to that class. It’s the most empowering community I know! And I personally love taking Chest, Back & Abs the most because it’s so empowering, especially as a female to lift weights. I regularly find myself reaching new gains in that class. I feel like chest/back/abs has really developed my shoulders and I just love rocking out and rowing to the music.

Q: How often do you recommend taking Barry’s classes in order to see results?

I recommend taking at least 3 Barry’s classes a week, but I do about 5 Barry’s classes a week because I love the workout so much.

Q: What motivates you to workout each day?

What motivates me the most is thinking about our amazing clients. They get me out of bed and into my workout room at home to practice my class routine for them. I literally see their faces when I’m working out and creating my routines. I think to myself, “Erica – if you are going to do this to them, you better do it yourself!” I love training and teaching – the more I practice my exercises helps ensure that I can give my best to my clients.

Q: What piece of advice can you offer to those taking a Barry’s class for the first time?

Just have fun and remember that the only goal is to complete the class. I highly recommend coming early to meet your instructor beforehand, so they can help give you the best first experience possible. Also, the more you do it, the easier it will become, so stick with the workouts and enjoy the process!

Find out more about Barry’s Bootcamp here and how to register for a class at a location of your choice. 


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