Do you truly care?

Answer me honestly: Do you really care about what you are working on today in your job?

“Truly care” means what you do is a way to address what is of your ultimate concern.

Like me and 80% of the population, you probably say: my ultimate concern is my end of the month paycheck.

But, take a minute to think about it. Don’t you want to be engaged at work in a way that honors what you care most about? Something that is bigger than yourself… Don’t you merit it?

Why is it not happening to most of us? Remember the recent Gallup survey, only 18% of employees are engaged at work.

An uncertain burned out employee

When I thought about the reason why I was burned out, it happened that I was uncertain.

Was it because I was burned out, that I suddenly didn’t love my job anymore? Or the fact that I was not truly myself at work exhausted me?

So many of us do not love our job. Or if we like it, most probably because, as social beings, we enjoy interactions with our colleagues, traveling, speaking, presenting, and feel we are important.

And what we call “success” means higher in a ladder, earning more money, or being more popular in the eyes of others.

For years, I was lost in such “activities”. I ran after performance, without truly knowing ” why”.

“Typically employee”, I bet you say.

Meaning matters – my digital entrepreneur journey

If we look at the most successful people, it is clear that no one did genuinely great things without a great purpose behind.

That is because, when we work on things we care most about, we open up to our true potentials.

When I took my journey to build a digital business, I did not know that I undertook a journey to myself. Indeed, a business exists to solve a problem. Do I truly care about the people I serve? In order to know what I could offer, I needed to know who I really was.

And that was by itself an extraordinary journey.

You will ask: Is my work addressing my ultimate concern? Yes. My ultimate concern is that I want to feel really myself where I am, at home or at work.

I truly care that my son does not need to go through all this pressure to study all things (even things he does not really like), just to have a diploma and a job. I care that he does not enter the “rat race”- work to consume, and because you consume, you need to work.

I care to be authentically myself at work. Because by that, I can become a legitimate guide, for my son and my daughter to be as well. That they can develop their true self, concerns me.

That is why today I am on this journey. Because I believe in a next era of humanity, where every one can be fulfilled from the inside. I want to contribute my part, small it be.

Ask yourself once, if you are working on things you care most about. I wasn’t. And that was how I came from a burnout employee to a digital entrepreneur.

So, what do you truly care about?

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