The healthcare referral system is one that patients and medical providers alike have expressed frustrations with for years. The referral process is convoluted, complicated, and archaic, and delays the time it takes for patients to get care, cutting into a practice’s revenue. Inovantics founder Karen Coffey is a longtime healthcare management and development expert who knows this firsthand and has created a better way to do things.

Coffey has spent over 20 years working in healthcare management and knows all too well the frustration that comes with the post-acute referral process for patients and providers. Determining who is in-network, care coordination, access to appropriate medical histories, all take time and delay a patient getting care. Outdated technology, a distinct lack of data, and a lack of a system that works to benefit both patients and providers have plagued the healthcare industry for years, Coffey created a solution that will change the way providers handle referrals, and ultimately raise the level of care they can provide patients. 

As she explains she felt like this was an area to “work smarter not harder”, and has made that her mantra and inspiration for creating a groundbreaking, innovative, and customized CRM platform to better manage and optimize the post-acute referral process, providing better patient care and increasing provider revenue. This platform is called Inovantics and can be used everywhere from skilled nursing, acute care, physician offices, physician practices, hospice, home care, long-term care facilities, anywhere in healthcare that requires a referral system. 

Inovantics is designed to be a one-stop-shop solution to everything related to the referral process for healthcare providers. Care services, payor eligibility, and administrative processes are all integrated into this single platform and allows for providers to access this information in real-time. The entire Inovantics system is fully customizable so that it truly meets the specific needs of each individual provider. Her team works with providers to determine the specifics of what they need and coordinate efforts to configure a personalized custom solution. She is there every step of the process, evaluating what a practice needs, gathering specifications, building their perfect platform, and then testing and applying it to make sure it meets every need specified. 

Through this new platform, Coffey has created a valuable system that keeps everything in one place, from patient records to insurance verification, optimizing the process and saving providers time and money. Here is just some of what Inovantics offers:

  • Customizable user experience based on individual practice and goals
  • HIPAA Compliant secure system
  • Customizable dashboard with an interactive calendar and reminder features
  • A user-friendly online patient screening tool
  • Virtual chatting tool
  • Integrated electronic referrals 
  • Automated inbounding of referrals via Allscripts, PDF, Epic, and multiple other electronic medical records are available upon the user’s request
  • Real-time insurance benefit eligibility verifications
  • Real-time sex offender checks
  • Hub for patient data
  • Referral tracking
  • Reduced overhead costs

Boston-based Karen Coffey got her start in the auto industry and got into healthcare management to try something different. She has a passion for helping medical professionals provide the top level of patient care, working her way up to Director of Business Development in charge of multiple multi-practice facilities. Coffey has made it her focus to help healthcare providers run a well-organized, profitable practice through her newly developed CRM platform. Working with industry professionals in both healthcare and technology she built a highly efficient platform focused on getting patients the best-care and providing practitioners a hassle-free, highly efficient way to manage workflow. Discover more on the Inovantics website and learn how this innovative new platform can help your practice work smarter not harder!