Movement is great for the soul and for business productivity (Win-Win).

As humans we are not designed to sit or stand (depending upon your preference) at a desk all day, behind computer screens.

Taking breaks to exercise and get some movement outside in nature, whether that be going for a walk, run, yoga flow or weighted exercise, has truly made a positive difference for myself mentally, physically and when focusing on business productivity.

If I do have work on my mind, stepping away from my workspace, detaching from it and moving my body, allows me to switch off (when needed) and be clearer in the mind for when I return back to work.

It also increases my energy levels, improves my mood / well-being, it allows me to think creatively and ask better quality questions to myself to ensure a solution-orientated mind-set. At the end of the day, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself. Thanks Tony Robbins!

So, whilst exercising I ensure I use positive language when pushing through exercises or even when I am mentally thinking through situations, as it changes my mental attitude to create positive outcomes.

Any exercise / movement you can fit in to your daily routine with work, will well and truly make a difference to you in all facets of your life- personally and professionally and you will be amazed how rejuvenated, enthusiastic and efficient you can truly be!