Triangulation of work, war and wealth across the world: When jobs-productivity-wealth ratios no longer drive economic progress; when glass-house economies no longer creating brick-mortar economies but crying like babies in hailstorms, today, the sudden triangulation of three global forces now juxtaposed to decipher mysteries of weird economics…

The ultimate measurement of grassroots prosperity  
Today is all about ‘future of work’ demanding entrepreneurial evaluations on ‘volume of work’ needed and what are the financial measurement on the true ‘value of work’ as economic progress; today in collision, not because of Covid-19 as such calamities were predicted decades ago, however, it may only further hyper-accelerate the global mind share to create new human resource protocols for the upcoming workless world in an unprecedented unlimited debt-towered economies. New global definitions on meanings and value of work must evaluated

most ‘work touched’ by muscle now replaced by robots, billions workers at risk  

most ‘invisible work’ for critical thinkers and problem solving workers will shine

Work of future will have new standards and meanings; critical thinking and complex problem solvers sitting in a park with device on block-chained AI+AR+VR automation, managing integrated national and global maneuvering appearing like cyborgs in action. One such person may replace 100 others; Asia alone developing 100 million such smart workers. What’s your nation has been doing all these years?

THE WARS: Three forces to unbalance our global economies:
Three types of tidal waves are drowning nations; wars, trade wars, skills wars. Real or fake, wars are only living proofs of massive failures on communications and diplomacy; destroying economies and scaring civilization, today have created new invisible borderless walls of hate; study social demographics, mental-health, restless citizenry and war-history. Trade-wars are increasingly proof of poor exportability and unbalanced imports dependence. Skill-wars are internal wars on upskilling millions of working citizenry to stand up to global productivity and performance standards. Nations of the future measured on the number of reskilled labor forces, less on army counts. Economic performance is now upskilling and reskilling performances.

Once unbalanced, the ultimate divisive force to destroy nations from inside.
It is not important how much money rich are making, what is critically more important how well the poor taken care off. Currently, if 99% of the bottom global populace not happy neither is the top 1% percentile, fearful and restless they are aware of the pending whiplash. The biggest untapped wealth still hidden in underutilized national citizenry and untapped natural resources wasted. The public sector of the world must embrace the global age and transform rapidly to realign with the future challenges.

Critical scenarios in coming days

The March of the Billion: In next 1000 days, the current economic conditions, way before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the global technologies and human resource shifts already created a scenario where some billion senior white collar workers replaced by technology in mostly the developed world will crowd the main boulevards of the world. How prepared are the nations, a big question for last many years. COVID-19 has only accelerated that time line. Nation by nation audit will show the gravity of neglect and abandonment on uplifting working citizenry.  

The frozen states of Incompetency:
The global age has uplifted cities, regions and some nations to new extraordinary heights on performance but not the rest of the world; majority of nations still struggling in deeply frozen state of incompetency on both fronts; digitalization and upskilling, this conundrum turns into vicious circles as nations already with massive untapped human talent and resources are still stuck in decades old procedures bleeding their economies and missing out opportunity losses. This drowning by un-digitized, un-optimized bureaucracies of the world have a clear choice as such transitions are not only free from new funding they are mainly execution starved; therefore, the leadership, as policy should fire the first person who says they lack funds and the next one for saying we are too busy and have no time to change.

In simultaneous synchronization, for first time ever in the history of civilization, the time to finally surrender to hibernation on self-discovery has arrived across the world; humming in unison the few basic questions; how come booming economies suddenly turning out big busts, how come the world ended up here and what is next? Once huddled for weeks or months we may finally self-discover in quiet corners of our habitats, like coming out the caves ready for the next renaissance. This is how mankind has survived.  This is how the five billions connected who will change the world.

The sad tragedy of families around the world losing loved ones cannot ignored, we must take the threats seriously, isolate and defeat the virus, and we must respect the force of nature.

The Summary:

Workers of the world will need a year to adjust and grab handle on their current chaotic situations

Wars mentality must halt, except skill wars to uplift national citizenry via national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital economies and exportability. Small medium business economy is where the next global turnaround hidden, lead and become an expert on such intricate affairs.

Wealth of a nation if printed on toilet-paper has only one prime purpose, use it.

Economies based on real value-creation where our future must advance; where grassroots prosperity prospers, where diversity, tolerance grows and humankind advances.

Rest is fakery, but learning the difference greatly helps