All of us at some point in our life will be working adults and professionals . We will be very busy into our work life momentum. But what makes for a good work life skill , you may call it or attitude …… I would say being team player / team work is what makes for a great company. 

Everyone must realize that no job is ours permanently , we cannot hold on to our work so tightly that we do not share knowledge .If that is the way we work then we cannot say we are a team player. An individual who works without sharing knowledge will kill the team and the company with that attitude.

Life is about sharing and keeping knowledge moving and growing .Sharing allows growing in terms of knowledge , skills , new ideas , learning and doing things differently to improve.Nothing stays the same .We need to grow and the only way to grow be it as a company or as an individual is by sharing knowledge and learning from mistakes and changing what needs to be changed to do something better. 

Holding onto your knowledge and not sharing or letting go , curbs or fences up or creates a wall or barrier to betterment and change.Change is a must to move forward.if we do not share knowledge and want to be controlling or selfish in what we know then we also restrict ourselves from growing and maturing intellectually and mentally .We become a cocoon and cannot grow if we do not share …

Companies thrive on team players not lone rangers..we cannot motivate or help or share information if we only work within ourselves without sharing.Its not all about “I” , its about “US”..”WE” , together is the key to success. I know sometimes people do not want to share with fear of people stealing the intricate details to their successes , but how much of those information that we keep could actually have helped someone learn , some one grow , someone move forward.. 

Life is about changes , sharing and helping …Work life is also about team work, being a team is the goal to a successful company , a successful individual and a successful LIFE. Its all interconnected …No one individual can be a success in his or her field alone , people need people to grow and learn from each other , companies need companies to benchmark and to be successful so ultimately not one individual , or company can succeed alone.