Music. Music. Sweet music in the air. I hear music in the air. What would our life be without the essences of music? How would our rhythms move without the blessings of. . .sweet music? Music is the voice of the Universe. It has many voices, and it is a gift from Heaven’s own cacophonic love.

There is a flowing texture to the movement of music. There is a sweet smell of gliding and immersing in the rhythm. Clothed in musical garments, everyday, truly smooths out those bad days. It transforms hard days into softer vibes. If misused, music can serve as a distraction. Removing us from the essence of creativity. Distancing us from using its blessing as an escape from the work, needed to be done.

On the contrary, what brings music as a healing elixir for the actual process of work, is that there is life in music. Sensory in music. Vibrant, invisible energies, which radiates with human existence. And, that only happens if music is really in it’s authentic form. A form, which does not render human beings in a robotic state. Music, in it’s arena, where the instruments, or sounds, titilates the skin and Soul of humanity.

In undergrad, the tales of a fellow classmate, who couldn’t work or study when music was playing, was found to be rather baffling to me. Music moves. Music soothes. Especially, that music which sustains, and aligns itlsef with nature, the natural realm, and those songs, which do not have words. Its a euphoric, and creative rendition of allowing sacred sounds to guide (and propel) our work into completion. Many times, working in silence creates a deadened silence. It removes us from tapping into our sensory; exploring unseen ways of guiding work into completion. That experience of channeling nutritious energy, on a consistent basis, which nourishes the Spirit; allowing one to see work in a different way. The idea that work can be a journey, a journey of abundance, nourishment, and holistic endeavors.

There is a calming energy when we work with the authenticity of music. Somehow the rigid factor of work becomes broken. When we work through music, the understanding of work becomes a process. It becomes a surreal element, in such a way of feeling, natural. The flow. The rhythm. The style. Content. It all becomes more part of a therapy, when we work through music. We receive a different visual, in how we are to move through life. In reality, we are not working ourselves to death. It’s not practical. Oppressive ideologies surrounding work have come to plague the human psyche. People hate “work.” Mainly because it has removed them from their humanity and sense of being. Money has drawn value to a person, moreso, than the products and fruition of their labor. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Yet, in many instances, work is painted as back-breaking, without life; void of care or gentility with the human experience.

Working through, in, around, under, below, and within music is a precious jewel. It is part of the fluidity of life. Allowing yourself to find healing, Beauty, and experiment with the essences of life. Music while working, is part of the nutrition of understanding just who you are, when you are. . .working. Somehow, the sound of a guitar, a flute, violin, drums, or even the sound of water, takes us into a deeper world. We are forced to experience and learn who we are, while doing the work. It doesn’t take long before we observe our mannerisms, our particular rhythms, our shapes, and our processes in how we produce work. Soon, we begin to awaken to our own sacred being. It means that we are finding how our personal movements are relatable to our work. It also showcases the necessities of feeling enjoyment and pleasure in our work. One of the treasures of being part of that ecstasy is seeing ourselves laboring in a different way. In addition, producing in that way also reflects a different beauty, a unique shine, a sparkling glitter, in how we produce work.

In actuality, I have found myself being able to work more efficiently, with a good song or two. Consistently having musical silk radiate in one’s Spirit is re-assuring. Not only is it re-assuring, but it allows one to feel comfortable. Being comfortable in one’s own skin, and discovering that through music, work is a blessing. It is a human wonder. Such is part of the nourishment of feeling that one has found purpose of self, in working. And, it is that feelilng, which makes work in lined with human essence. It is nutritious and continues to bathe the Spirit with riches of possiblities and wonder.

Let’s also not forget the presence of music in the office place. How it provides ideas for the well-being of the company. How music creates a space for co-workers to truly carry out the meaning of a team. Exchanging ideas. Bonding. Expanding imagination and creativity within the context of the company. Positive human interaction is increased. In addition, hostilities within the workplace are removed. Music does wonders in work settings. Transforming it into an environment of holistic attributes and therapy. Through music, work becomes therapy. It is a wonder. As opposed to being seen as a chore, daily burden-which has to be done, now, it is more of a euphoric element of love. Through music, co-workers, colleagues, and even management, can see music as a retreat. A retreat from life’s hostilities. A re-treat from a world, which states that life is about being. . .hardened.

So, let’s dance through music. Let’s work through music. Let it surround our Souls. Let it bathe our humanity. Allow it to glisten our productivity in the workplace; taking us on a ecstasy, where work is more than “surviving” or “earning a living.” In work we see ourselves as being part of a new world, and the sounds of music centers this world. It’s a new style, a new vibe at work, when we are workin’ with the work of sound.