Last week my wife and I packed our lives into a 4×4 and left Brussels with the aim of driving to the southern tip of Spain in search of a new base. We will be spending August in Il De Re and working our way down the coast with stops in Bordeaux, Bilbao, Porto, Lisbon, Faro & Tarifa.

Working and travelling is really hard. Things invariably break, work stations are not ergonomic, you bounce between café’s and wherever you are renting, internet can be shaky but the hardest thing is to be disciplined enough to do the work.

We launched Pro Resume Write from Thailand after leaving Perth in 2013 and Pro Recruitment Solutions from Guatemala in 2015 after leaving Calgary and now are in the process of setting up our third business TecBed further to leaving Brussels. With all this experience of working and being on the road here are some survival tips:

  1. Try to avoid taking on technology projects that are business critical
  2. Make sure you always have 6 months’ salary to fall back on
  3. Try and go between locations on the weekend (or whenever your downtime is depending on which markets you are currently working in)
  4. Spend extra money on better accommodation or co-working spaces
  5. Book things into the diary for Monday morning to start the week on the right foot
  6. Create a routine and stick to it
  7. Try and stay in the one spot as long as possible
  8. Automate & hire as much as possible so your business is still working even if you’re not

It takes discipline, determination, perserverace and consistency but taking into account the above we have had some of our greatest successes, busiest work periods and most creative moments whilst working and travelling and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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Originally published at on August 16, 2016.

Originally published at