One of the processes of healing is to remove all of the toxic and dead energy. That we see. And, that we do not see. Stripping ourselves from the dead energy of other people’s expectations. Dead energy of limited thinking. Dead energy of those, who would rather stay stuck in the status quo, only to take others with them. The toxic energy of people who despise love, peace, and all of the principles of healthy restoration.

That stripping of non-living energy comes in different forms. It comes in the form of cleansing physical objects from our spaces. It can also derive from energetic clarity. Whether that includes meditation or verbal cleansing. The latter had been previously mentioned in another piece. For these purposes, however, we will focus on that energy, which we sometimes hold onto, without realizing that they are there. Those coming in the physical form. We often wonder why we are attracting negative people and energy into our spaces. What is it that is giving that is attracting that negative spirit within the realms of our spiritual and energetic circumference? The truth of the matter is that negative energy can not enter if negatives are not initially, inside. It is impossible for negative energy to reside in the positive. So, what energies are floating within our circle, which are attracting the negative?

Returning that same concept back into the office scene, one is privy to first address how our work spaces create channels of negative energy to enter. Does our desk have a presence of not only cleanliness, but holistic energy? Does it create an inviting presence for other healthy Spirits to enter, and engage in illuminating energy with you? Furthermore, does your office space also reflect who you are? Such is one of those entrancing moments of enjoying the magic of seeing how your Universal design and creativity is reflected on Earth. What are the scents, colors, and designs, that reflect who you are in the workplace? It’s amazing to see what little changes, something as enriching your workspace with color, can do.

If you were to envision your workspace to be fantastical world, what would it entail? Yes! It’s time to bring that inner child into your office setting in order to achieve what one wants to. . .experience. Would your work environment tell of a special place in the Colorado mountains, during winter time? You are inside with friends, a lover, or your pets. Sipping on a cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider. Enjoying the tales of winter. Are you on an island, during the summer? Your are surrounded by the aesthetics of blue, light green, and different colors of waters. Seagulls are flying ahead, and you feel the ecstasy of what is feels to chill out and relax. Allowing the sun and other decors of nature to give you the peace, that you have been looking for. For another imaginative escape, what about being in the midst of a strawberry orchard? In your Fall attire, running barefoot in that natural soiling, and sampling the ripeness of plump, delicious, strawberries, you begin to feel like a little child on the way to your discovery of more fruits. So many different places of inspiration, that you can use, as source of escape for the wonders of how you can craft your office/desk spacing to reflect. . .you.

Not only is the presentation of our desk/office space part of how we attract nourishing and positive beings, within our spacing, but it also reflects how we show that we are deserving and worthy of respect. It is evident that we value ourselves, and value the spaces that we inhabit. It is akin to visiting a garden, and seeing a dressed up gardener take care of one’s crops and vegetation. Spraying them with natural scents; giving off that vibe of being a representation of one of Earth’s treasures. One of the rewards of what happens with Earth becomes our guide; rather than going against her forces. If spaces flourish when we enter them, it not only indicates how we feel about ourselves, but also how valuable we are. That every step we touch, turns into gold. It is evident of the phrasing “I can show you better than I can tell you.” Reflecting an intriguing workspace also continues to nourish the energy of productivity to your actual work. If your desk or office is reflective of what you aspire to, it’s pretty imaginable that an aura will match what you produce and how you produce it. Ditto for one of your bad days.

The significance of not decorating one’s office, desk, or workspace in the traditional way is that your are forced to aspire to new heights. You can no longer go for mediocracy. Decorating your office space in a unique and creative way forces one to be imaginative in one’s work for the company. In addition, it even allows creative inspiration and ideas to arise, as it relates to new business concepts, instruments, and methodologies, which could best serve the company. Whose to say that you can’t make the re-designing of your workspace and place part of a monthly ritual? Giving your ideas, and exercising your creative psyche, in order to come up with something new. With consistency, who says that you can’t build a wealth of innovative business concepts, with this ritual, alone?

So, now that we have gotten to the root of attracting negative energy within our office spaces, we also can understand how it begins to flourish into other sectors of the office-work culture. Very magical, don’t you think? Until then, let’s create our way into attracting positive vibes and co-workers into our work spaces. In turn, it leads to enhancing our own value and what we bring to the company. . .vibe! *Wink*