It’s the one thing that we all have, The Mind. Most of us cannot control it however, we are the ones in charge of it. Why does that happen, ever wondered? Because once you control it you can focus it. You cannot control or focus something that you don’t understand.

People say all the time that “Our life is too busy, we can’t simplify it”. While the fact is that we ourselves choose not to do it. No one is pointing a gun to our head telling we have to associate with these people or do a certain task. We say that we want to “work smarter, not harder” to make the most effective use of our time. This is often easier said than done, though – without a clear plan and strategy, most people end up overcommitted, overwhelmed and overworked. The following are some points we can work on:


We all have a limited amount of Energy. The law of thermodynamics tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only can transformed from one source of another. So, we have only 100% of energy to spend in one day. As experts says:

ENERGY should be looked at as a finite resource, just like MONEY. Which should be:

  • Wisely Managed
  • Wisely Re-Allocated
  • Wisely Invested


An average person sleeps 7 to 8 hours a day and is awake 16 hours a day. So let us assume that we practice 13 hours of distraction every day. Then we become good at it because it is The Law of Practice, which is we become good at anything we practice, whether it is positive or negative it doesn’t matter and that is why we become good at distraction as we practice it over and over again. Then we say things like “Technologies are great Distractors”; smartphone, the internet, etc. Are they Distractors though?

Actually No technology is a beautiful thing as long as we are in charge of it. But every time our phone makes a sound and we go “yes master, how can I serve you today”. We go to a world of distraction.


How can we become Good at Concentration? By understanding our mind. Once we know how our mind works, we can begin to actually understand it. In our mind there are different sections of awareness about happiness, sadness, jealously, hunger, etc., and as we take our awareness to the particular area it works according to that. We take our awareness from one area to another all day long.

Concentration is about keeping our awareness on one thing for an extended period of time. How do we practice this? We practice this by doing one thing at time throughout the day. Best way to develop our concentration is to bring the practice into our every day.


Learning how to believe in ourselves will open up endless possibilities in our lives. At times we may find this difficult to do. The truth is that we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives to doubt ourselves.

A freelancer has success stories based on it, and in his own words:

I think what drew me into freelancing was simply the idea of helping people. I felt that the web design industry was viewed as a slew of used car salesman. As for me, I suffer from a disease known as, “I can do it better.” Learning how to run a business has absolutely been the most challenging. I want to quit sometimes, but I know I never could. I think my biggest success has been the ability to live the life I want to live. Of all things, that is what freelancing has allowed me to do more than anything.”

  • Joe Martin, Web Design and Branding

Life is a manifestation of where our energy is flowing and if we can’t concentrate our energy, then the thing we want to manifest in our life becomes very challenging”.

Our mind is the most powerful tool in the world. Once we understand it and focus on it. There is nothing in the world we can’t achieve.


  • I'm a writer; illustrator, columnist and an editorial fellow in Crazy Media Marketing. My previous work includes roles in digital journalism and content writer. I did graduation in Journalism. For my Post graduate thesis, I researched on Communicative Science and Disorder. With my sole insights into how people think and motivation, I help client to develop and strengthen their brand. I'm excited to join Thrive in its vision to accelerate the society budge.