The year is about halfway complete, so I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to finish strong.  What are some of the goals you have set for yourself?   What are some of the adventures you promised you would take?  Have you done it or are you still waiting to do it?  Don’t delay today what you can start.  By all means, just start.

I have several things I have accomplished this year and a few things left to do for the remainder of 2021.  I was able to reach my birthday goals.  In my career, I have been able to grow to my desire level in Cybersecurity.  In business, I am not where I want to be, but I believe every day I am growing to my desired results.

Remember everyone result and success will look different.  As we all are created differently and that is the beautiful part.  I hope these steps I have taken to continually create the life I desire will inspire you as well.


There is a lot of talks about what is meditation and how it looks for you.  So, let’s start with what meditation is not about.   It’s not about becoming someone else or even a different person it’s about becoming more aware and gaining a different perspective of your thoughts.  Instead of being in constant judgment of your thoughts, you learn how to observe them without judgment.  I have been practicing mindfulness for more than a year now.  At first, I used it to turn off all the random thoughts that would race through my mind daily.  Now I am using it to connect me to God as I become quite the most powerful one can come alive in me.  So, I am encouraging you to start a practice you can commit to and watch your mind grow.


I have become more consistent in my business and personal life.  Why is consistency important?  This characteristic is key to success.  Consistency leads to habits.  Habits form the action you take daily, and action leads to success.  It’s not the things you do once in a while that shape your life but it’s the things you do consistently.  I have become consistent in my social media, writing, and networking.  I say yes to many opportunities.  Personally, I have become consistent in drinking more water and eating healthier meals.  I hope you can recognize ways you have become consistent in your life.

Believing in Myself

Believing in myself has been somewhat of a challenge for me.  I have never believed in myself, so I combated this by going above and beyond.  Living life like this I became very tired and constantly second-guessing myself became old.  I started self-correcting by allowing myself to make mistakes and trusted that those mistakes did not define me as a person.  They were mistakes and opportunities for me to grow.  As I began to believe in myself something else happen, I started to believe in others.  I want to encourage you to believe in others and yourself it is one of the greatest rewards you can gain.

I know this half-year in review has inspired you to take on those big roles and believe in yourself.  Trust 2021 will give you all you desire and more.  If you have not started to move, then begin to take the steps to create the success you desire.