With the number of smartphones usage growing rapidly, the use of internet to buy a product or service has increased rapidly and companies are reaching their targeted audience with the help of digital marketing. Out of digital marketing platforms like Paid Per click marketing, social media marketing, Email marketing and Search Engine Optimization, SEO is considered as the best source in generating the leads as it is going to have high return on investment compared to other platforms. while working with SEO companies, you need to understand the difference between working with a Contract and no contract agreement. The same will be explained below.

SEO contract companies:-

These companies will ask to sign the agreement for contract term usually which lasts between 6 months to 3 years. At the same time, you also need to be paying up front amount of 30% to 50% for the whole term period before start working on your project. These type of companies generally ranges from small to big companies where you can’t leave the company even if you are not satisfied with their services once after the agreement was done. So it will be loss for the companies to invest huge amounts of money and see no results, mostly you can’t have the flexibility to get out of their services when things not going fine as per the expectations.

Thus even though there is truth that SEO takes time for the results, signing an agreement and paying the most of the amount up front can keep a company in risk at the worst cases.

No contract SEO companies:-

No contract SEO companies are really rare as most of the companies will sign the agreement before working on a project. However, some of the companies like seo services new york offers no contract SEO services where you have the flexibility to leave the company in case if you are dissatisfied with their services. They charge monthly fixed fee and propose a price to be charge up on successful ranking, so you will be paying the proposed price only if the related keywords in first page apart from paying a monthly fixed fee ranging from $1000 to $3000.

This way of dealing with companies really help those who want to invest in SEO more confidently as they are provided with an opportunity to stop taking their services next month if in case not satisfied as there is no contract agreement.