Have You Thought About A Career In Aging?

While we go by different names Aging Expert, Aging Life Care Expert, Certified Senior Advisor, Gerontologist, Geriatrician, and Senior Living Consultant we have a single purpose. For one thing, we work with older adults and their families. In addition, we are often motivated by a personal experience combined with a desire to reshape the aging. If this sounds like you then consider a career in aging.

Change in 2017

In the light of Allure Magazine banishing the phrase “anti-aging,” I am hopeful 2017 will be a milestone in rebranding aging. While in the past I often used the euphemism revision, reimagine recently I accepted the truth. To successfully change stereotypes we must do so at a cultural level. By doing so we must use pop culture as an ally to address the various topics of aging.

Three Ways to Make A Difference

  1. Share your work on social media. Who benefits from the work you do?
  2. Connect with peers. Look for local organizations that support your work.
  3. Document your story. Your “why” for the work you do.

Gather Momentum

Now is the time to use the current momentum to promote positive aging and wellness. To meet individuals where they are and empower them in older age. With every interaction personal or business interaction I encourage you to speak about the work you do and the impact each of us has in every generation.

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About Me

At the present time, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. When you think of older adults do you see America’s largest resource? I do.With this in mind, I combined my background in business with a desire to influence aging in America. For this reason, I was the first Gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Additionally, it’s why I wrote Freewheeling After Sixty. It’s the first book to empower older adults about their transportation choices.