Life might not always be a smooth ride! There might be a crisis that comes in our way. However, the idea is to gear up and get back with full confidence and harmony. But before that, there might be a period of stress and anxiety to deal with the crisis at hand. Our world is currently going through that phase, with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The vaccination drive worldwide has brought in some respite amongst many. But still, there is a feeling of fear and uncertainty amongst most people.

Men and women respond to stress differently! Working women are more prone to stress than men. Women under stress respond and react differently and can get vulnerable to minor physical illnesses as well. Hence, it is essential to combat this stress with wellness guidelines by Ian Mausner.

1. “Me Time” is essential

Today, most women are working from home like others! However, even then, they have a lot on their plate to manage. Hence, women must take some time out for themselves and spend in complete relaxation. The concept of “Me Time” is becoming popular with women now. It could be a time when they isolate themselves from work and other errands and do things that brings them joy, happiness, and relaxation. You can read a book, go out for a cup of coffee with precautions, sit idle at any corner of the house or watch your favorite television show. It helps to turn down stress and release happy hormones.

2. Enroll in online dance classes

Any form of physical activity can help to bring down physical and mental stress! However, it helps to bring in a sense of joy and happiness when it comes to dancing. If you want, you can enroll in online dance classes and take part in the classes. It will help you to get connected with others of your age and make new friends. Additionally, it will help you stay fit and lose the extra weight you have wanted to shed for a long time. You can stay happy and in good shape.

3. Try out meditation with chanting

Are you prone to excess stress? If yes, then you should opt-in for meditation with chanting! Here it would help if you sat in a relaxed position, breathe deeply and chant a mantra. You can choose any mantra that you wish to chant. You can use the famous “Om” chant or any other Buddhist mantras that you resonate with. Ian┬áMausner says that it will help you shift your vibration and make you less stressed and worried. With gradual practice, you will be able to change to a state of calm during any crisis.

4. Watch your best television show.

It’s essential to watch your best movies or show on television. It will help you to feel light-hearted and fill you with positive energy. It’s the right solution if you are consuming too much of the news currently.

Women need to take care of their health and mind during stressful times. These wellness guidelines by Ian Mausner will prove helpful.