Team values

Bring the team together with shared values ​​by defining the company’s fundamental rules, philosophy, norms, principles, and traditions. Employees must feel the team spirit, and become part of a well-coordinated mechanism. Focus on inspirational goals. Explain that each member of the team contributes to their achievement. High goals and unifying principles are the best motivation, regardless of the views and beliefs of different employees. Suppose someone on the team does not share the values, imposes a skeptical and pessimistic attitude. In that case, you should determine the reasons and put him before a choice, recommending a change in attitude. The position of pessimists changes quite rarely: in the absence of a desire to make contact, it is better to say goodbye right away.

Roles distribution in the team

One of the most significant stressors at work is multitasking. When an employee performs many tasks in a limited time frame, it often reduces productivity, negatively affects the results and the internal microclimate. To eliminate the problem, distribute the roles in the team. With a clear distribution of functions, work is done much more efficiently. The lack of stressors associated with multitasking has a positive effect on the team atmosphere. The project manager can learn more about this in online courses to prepare for the PMP in Washington exam.

Creating an inner comfort zone

There is an opinion that to conquer heights, you need to leave your usual comfort zone. It does not always work within a commercial organization. For the high-quality implementation of tasks, an employee needs not an emotional shake-up but a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. It’s not only about normal sanitary and hygienic conditions and an equipped workplace: psychological comfort is also essential. An an entrepreneur, your employees should feel comfortable and reassured so that they know they can ask for help any time they need it. Try not to take subordinates out of the zone of convenience, but to create it: express gratitude, encourage creative initiative, the desire to develop in the professional industry, or thank for innovative ideas, solving complex, non-standard situations. An additional advantage will be a separate, comfortable relaxation area in the office, where employees can relax during breaks, have a quiet lunch, drink tea and coffee. The same goes for virtual work environment. If you are implementing flexible workplaces, you have to ensure that your team members feel comfortable and motivated even virtually.

Encouraging Mutual Help and Friendship

Compared to a tense and formal environment, a friendly atmosphere better contributes to achieving goals, helps establish complete mutual understanding between colleagues, and significantly increases work performance (confirmed by statistics). Create and maintain a collaborative environment where team members strive for a typical result and put personal goals and ambitions into the background. Explain the values ​​of the company to newcomers, help them join the team, become team players. In a friendly atmosphere where energy is directed towards a common goal, less stress is experienced, and no less rapid career growth occurs.

Resolve conflicts promptly in the language of business

Internal conflicts reduce the efficiency of the project team. Therefore, they need to be resolved promptly and in a timely manner. In this case, a strictly business style, the language of business is appropriate. Superfluous emotions should be turned off using primitive psychological techniques: a five-minute pause, a deep breath. Disagreements happen in any team. For instance, you might be discussing whether to set up a shell company or not with each other, and you disagree about it. To minimize them, it is important to carefully and deliberately select personnel. Take into account the individual characteristics of employees, try to find an approach, understand and accept a subordinate. Create possible scenarios for constructive negotiations. Treat mistakes with understanding: discuss and admit the troubles that happened, analyze and draw appropriate conclusions. In most cases, mistakes are easily transformed into experiences that can improve performance and achieve positive change in the company with the right approach.


A supportive environment in a project team is a multidimensional concept. Some prefer to keep their distance, communicating exclusively on business topics, while others are more comfortable in a friendly, confidential atmosphere. The main task is to find a middle ground, harmonize relations between colleagues, and direct efforts towards a typical, priority result for the company. Many experts argue that a healthy work environment is more important than income and career opportunities.