Almost 90 percent of the working population of the world act as employees under someone else. All these people go through situations that could cause mental stress frequently. This is why most companies are seeing reduced productivity over the years. You could not notice the same level of energy of the employees as if they have started to work for the first day any time after few years. There is something wrong with the work culture that makes almost every employee miss something or feel tired of working. Even if an employee is performing extremely well compared to other employees of the company, that employee will also get worn out at a point due to mental stress. Experts and knowledgeable people like Walter Morales say that fatigue is a result of mental stress. As most workers could not get proper attention from the top management, their voices have gone useless. If you are a business owner, you should understand the mental well-being of your employees alone can bring revenue to your company. If you are an employee yourself, you should beware of the stressful factors inside the workspace and try to face them. So, we are about to list the various causes along with the remedies of workspace stress.

Major reasons for the employees to be under stress

Employee management can be a tedious task for employers and mostly, the management will fail in maintaining a pleasant environment for the employees. The following are the few reasons for the employees to be constantly under stress.

Over workload – No one can handle the pressure of over workload given with an impossible deadline. To meet the business requirements, the management would force the employees to make the impossible possible. Hence, they will be under stress.

Toxic employee relationship – Sometimes, few of the management people may be toxic with the low-level employees without even showcasing it to the top management. In such a case, the mental pressure of the low-level employees would be high as they do not have the right communication space to let their feelings out.

Strict culture – If there is nothing to do to relax for a few minutes, the employees will start losing interest in their jobs. So, the strictness of the top management is also a reason for the mental stress experienced by the employees.

Reduced offs – Some companies will offer only a few off-days for the employees. Continuous working may cause mental stress to the employees.

How to relieve workspace stress?

Although workspace stress is inevitable, you can do some activities to relieve it by yourself or you can get some relief if your employers take the following actions.

Proper communication – To solve a lot of employee-management relationship issues, better communication itself will be enough. Once anyone can speak openly with anyone within the company, there will not be many issues. Even if something arises, it will go off soon without much effort. So, you can try to communicate better with your employers and colleagues. Else, your employers should implement a strategy for better communication.

Fun activities – Some fun activities conducted within the workspace at times can help the employees to get some relief from mental pressure.

Casual work culture – Within the workspace, employers should try to implement a casual working culture where employees can be free to some extent without any strict protocols. There can be strict rules for disciplinary actions.

Apart from these measures, employee behavior change technologies can noticeably help your employees. Let us look at the features and abilities of these technologies.

Employee behavior change technologies

Companies like Thrive Global are coming up with new technologies that will help with the reduction of mental stress happening within the workspaces throughout the world. These technologies ensure the employers and employees, a stress-free environment or a relief factor from all kinds of stress. Also, they promise to offer other range of services that will ensure an increase in the overall productivity of the company. Some of the features and abilities of such technologies are as follows.

Motivation – The primary feature of these apps will be the motivational or inspirational content regularly posted to keep your employees in a state of action always. If they get to see a single inspiration story every day, their whole day will be on a positive note and they will perform well without thinking of something useless. It can be stories or videos.

Achievement section – There will be a separate section where the achievers of the same and other organizations will get recognized and will also share their experiences with all the employees. Such a section will also inspire the employees and will give them surety that their efforts will be considered and recognized for sure. This thought will drive them fiercely and will lead to better productivity.

Physical wellness advice – These apps will also bring content related to activities that could ensure physical wellness among the employees. The employees need not search the web or other resources to get physical relief and avoid pain. Also, the employees can feel energetic always until they stop following this advice.

Mental wellness advice – Another major section is focused on reducing the mental stress of the employees. Along with advice, there will be some meditation sessions and other activities that can help with the mental relief of the employees.

Storytelling features – The storytelling features of these applications will help the employees get inspired by the real-life stories and experiences of their fellow employees. They can learn the various hurdles faced by their colleagues and the way they got out of them. It will help everyone to a greater extent.

Analytics – Along with the features to improve the overall performance of the employees, these apps will let the employees monitor their wellbeing with the analytics feature. There will be some self-analysis quizzes and other elements that would help the employees to know their state within the workspace. It will help them get themselves out of depression and mental deterioration.