World AIDS Day 2021- Red ribbon

HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.” – Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

In a world where medicine and science are flourishing, AIDS remains to be one of those diseases the permanent cure to which is yet to be found. According to WHO, 37.7 million people were living with HIV in 2020.

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 every year to encourage the global community to join hands in the battle against HIV, extend a helping hand to the people living with HIV and remember those who have died fighting AIDS-related disease. The day highlights the importance of raising money, improving education and planting the seed of hope in those who are living with the disease.

Goodera has curated a list of nonprofits working for the cause of advancing the welfare of HIV positive patients and awareness around the issue.

Nkosi’s Haven is taking holistic care of HIV positive women and children in South Africa

Nkosi’s Haven is named after Nkosi Johnson, South Africa’s famous child AIDS activist who wanted a safe space for HIV positive people where they are taken care of without any discrimination. He passed away at a tender age of 12 in 2001, he was the youngest child survivor of AIDS in South Africa.

This nonprofit provides deprived, HIV positive women and their children with holistic care and support in South Africa. Nkosi’s Haven also supports AIDS orphans irrespective of them being infected or not. 

Ways to Help-

Black and Pink is advocating for HIV positive people affected by criminal punishment system

Black and Pink National was founded in 2005 by Jason Lydon as a definite anarchist project wherein the name symbolized the black flag of anarchy and the strength of queer politics and experiences. In 2014, the organization made a remarkable move to include those with HIV/AIDS, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Black and Pink National is one of its kind nonprofit rallying for prison abolishment to discourage the criminal punishment system. It works to liberate people with AIDS and LGBTQ+ individuals who have fallen prey to that system through support and advocacy.

Ways to Help-

  • Donate to the nonprofit and show your support

Positive People Network is equipping all people living with AIDS to transform their communities

Positive People Network stands on the foundation laid by The Denver Principles of 1983 with the motive of increasing the network of People With Aids (PWA), giving them a safe and secure environment where they can communicate without inhibitions. 

The nonprofit also aims to educate, empower and spread awareness through a strong, strategic social network so that they have the access to economic resources to make their lives better.

Ways to help-

Ikageng Itireleng Aids Ministry is working to provide for families left behind after an HIV positive patient dies 

Ikageng was started as a home-based care centre in Soweto to take care of the children who lost their parent(s) to HIV/AIDS. These children become vulnerable to poor health and living conditions, and sometimes fall prey to crimes and drug abuse.

Based on the social policy of cluster homes of the South African government, the nonprofit is one of its kind which provides the families that are left behind to build a strong support system and ensure that they get required resources and services to fulfil their needs.

Ways to help-

Action for AIDS is aiming to end HIV transmission in Singapore by 2030 

Action for AIDS mobilizes the support of doctors, volunteers, educators, advocates and healthcare professionals to prevent, educate and advocate for implementing welfare programes for HIV positive people in Singapore. 

The nonprofit focuses on spreading awareness and the treatment of people with AIDS. It aims to provide a caring and non-discriminatory environment by bringing an end to the social stigmas attached to the disease. They follow an evidence-based and rights-based approach which is effective, responsive and innovative.

Ways to help-

  • Donate to the nonprofit and help in the expansion of their projects

Harmony Home is providing shelter to HIV positive people including women and children

The roots of Harmony Home go back to 1981, when the first HIV positive patient was found in Taiwan. The founder, Ms. Nicole Yang Jie took it on herself to take care of the patient and in the meantime, she came across many others who had AIDS.

These people had to live in isolation due to the stigma attached to the disease since there was lack of awareness and the cure was unknown. In November 2011, Taiwan Care Foundation was established as an association to focus on comprehensive care and holistic development of all HIV positive patients and their suspected AIDS babies and children.

Ways to help-

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is equipping HIV positive people in Australia with tailored assistance to ensure dignity

Being the oldest HIV supportive charity organization in Australia, Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) was set-up by a group of friends who were providing care to their HIV positive friend who was breathing his last. 

Since then, there has been no looking back and the nonprofit has provided assistance to thousands of Australians. Irrespective of a person’s sexual orientation, religion or race, BGF strives to provide for an equal and fair opportunity to every patient so that they can live on their own terms.

Ways to help-

Grassroot Soccer  is using soccer to anchorage support for adolescent healthcare in developing countries

To protect the future of the world, it is imperative to ensure a healthy life for adolescents today. Grassroot Soccer uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire and organize the youth in developing countries to fight AIDS, early pregnancy-related issues and other healthcare problems.

Global deaths among adolescents are declining except for deaths due to AIDS. The fear of social exclusion leads to late testing. The nonprofit provides services that range from education, access to HIV health services and support for HIV + youth. 

Ways to help-

  • Donate to the nonprofit and be the beacon of hope

Cascade AIDS Project is helping HIV positive people lessen their financial and emotional burden

Cascade AIDS Project is the oldest running and largest HIV charity organization in Southwest Washington and Oregon. With its vast network of staff and volunteers, the nonprofit aims to maximize the number of beneficiaries for community development.

The goals of the organization include finding shelter and required medical facilities for the patients, providing skill training, finding jobs, mental health support and a range of other issues that are crucial for an individual’s overall well-being. 

Ways to help-

Positive Wave Fund is ensuring equal access to health and social services HIV positive people in Russia

Established in 2007 with the vision of upholding the dignity of HIV+ people and providing them with a safe environment by protecting their rights, Positive Wave Fund is the glimmer of hope in the lives of these people in Russia.
The nonprofit provides legal assistance to the people with AIDS and the healthcare professionals and conducts training sessions to spread awareness about their rights. The organization holds meetings with other nonprofits and authorities to advance the rights of people with AIDS and offer mental health support to them. 

Ways to help-

  • Participate in a supportive meeting for people living with HIV with our psychologists 
  • Donate to the fund and help their cause

This World AIDS Day, volunteer for nonprofits working for the cause with Goodera 

By offering a few hours from your week, you can bring a tremendous positive impact to an HIV+ person’s life. This will not just uplift their spirits but volunteering for this wonderful cause will also fill your heart with happiness and tranquility. You can use the resources mentioned in this blog as a guide to raise awareness around the issue. 

According to studies, in 2020, 6.1 million people out of the total people infected with HIV, did not know that they were living with AIDS. Also, 53% of all HIV patients were women and young girls. Although the data has shown some progress, it still remains alarming enough for the global community to support the cause.

Through its volunteering opportunities, Goodera has helped companies engage their goal-driven employees to come forward and help those in need by their simple yet effective act of volunteering. These team/individual efforts go a long way in supporting HIV+ patients and community development. 

Volunteer for nonprofit organizations like these through Goodera.

For Nonprofits

We want to thank the nonprofits for being the wind beneath our wings and helping us on our journey of doing good.

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