“Being a cancer survivor is like being shaken in a kaleidoscope. You grasp for your bearings, desperate to find your balance amidst the chaos. When the dust finally settles, there is a new constellation of colors that are magical and beautiful.” – Renee Exelbert

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2018, there were 18.1 million new cases and 9.5 million cancer-related deaths worldwide.

By 2040, the number of new cancer cases per year is expected to rise to 29.5 million and the number of cancer-related deaths to 16.4 million.

Goodera has curated a comprehensive list of nonprofits working to close the care gap for individuals and their families battling cancer.

1. Tabletochki is committed to supporting children with cancer

In Ukraine, more than a thousand children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Yet, up until recently, not many of them had access to high-quality health care. 

Since 2011, Charitable Foundation Tabletochki daily helps Ukrainian families tackle the disease. 

Tabletochki works to ensure no child in Ukraine dies of cancer. They create favorable conditions for high-end medical care and psychological support. They improve the quality of life of Ukrainian children with cancer and their families during and after treatment.

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2. Live Like Bella is committed to being a leader in cancer research and provider of financial and emotional support 

Live Like Bella was founded in 2013 with the mission to help children with cancer maintain the same love for life that Bella, the Founder’s child, had. 

To “Live Like Bella” means to serve and help others. Bella’s family continues to honor her legacy by serving and helping children with cancer. Live Like Bella’s services range from in-treatment support to memorial assistance.

The Live Like Bella® Foundation works tirelessly with researchers and institutions. They aim to make pediatric cancer a treatable and curable disease. They also strive to assist families affected by childhood cancer on an international level.

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3. Canadian Cancer Society aims to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is a national, community-based organization of volunteers. 

They focus their work on five areas: research, advocacy, prevention, information, and support. 

They fund groundbreaking cancer research of all types of cancer. They also offer support services to help people better manage life with cancer. Furthermore, they fight to shape health policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease. 

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4. Nargis Dutt Foundation aims to support and help the underprivileged with health and education

Nargis Dutt Foundation was first set up in 1981 in New York city by Sunil Dutt and the Indian Community in New York. They did so after Nargis Dutt succumbed to Cancer after a yearlong battle at the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. 

They conduct regular medical camps in the slums of Mumbai. They work with cancer patients and Tata Memorial and focus on women’s and children’s health and education. 

It has been working in the Palghar district. They empower and upgrade the schools holistically. Clean drinking water, clean toilets, playgrounds, musical labs, science labs, computer labs, e-learning, extra classrooms, libraries, and related are things they’ve been working on. 

The education of meritorious poor students is also supported.

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5. St. Jude India ChildCare Centers provides a home away from home for children undergoing cancer treatment

St. Judes is bridging this gap with its innovative model of holistic care. 

They create a community for families. They come from all over India, speak different languages, and represent all communities. But they all share the common goal of getting their child treated for cancer.

These children, accompanied by their parents, come from small villages and distant towns. Here medical cancer treatment is unavailable. 

St. Jude Provides Free Of Cost Safe & Hygienic Housing, Transport To and From Treatment, Cooking Facilities & Nutritious Rations, Value-Based Education, Recreation, Counselling For Children & Parents.

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6. Childhood Cancer Canada aims to create victories for Canadian children with cancer

Childhood Cancer Canada is a foundation dedicated to fighting childhood cancer, founded in 1987. The foundation works to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families. They do this through its support programs and investment in collaborative cancer research. 

They believe in achieving their goal through investment in national, collaborative, lifesaving research, empowering education, and community programs.

They offer programs to families, such as emPower Pack Program, Amazing Adventures, Survivor Scholarships, and Benevolent Fund.

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7. AccessLife Assistance Foundation believes that high quality and holistic healthcare facilities should be available for all, regardless of their economic status

Access Life Assistance Foundation is an Indian not-for-profit organization. It provides multi-disciplinary supportive care to families who come to Mumbai for their child’s cancer treatment. 

It provides a loving and temporary home for children undergoing treatment for cancer. Their parents or caretakers are also given support.

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8. Youth Cancer Europe Romania stands up for the rights of youth cancer patients across Europe

Youth Cancer Europe consists of youth cancer organizations from across Europe. 

Their primary work is to Meet, Talk, Plan, Share, Lobby, Engage, Fight, Stand up for the rights of youth cancer patients across Europe. 

They highlight great examples of good practice from local networks. The aim is to inspire, create and strengthen youth cancer networks in countries that have little or no voice. 

They are part of a sister network of Little People Association Romania.

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9. Little People Association works to provide psychosocial support programs for children and teenagers

Little Flock Association functions in 10 pediatric oncology wards from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. 

Little People Association consistently implements each therapeutic activity. They focus on the needs of each patient. 

They produced significant results in the various aspects of fighting the disease. Accepting hospitalization, compliance to treatment, and pain management, add to the list.

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