World Day of Social Justice

“Privilege does not have to be negative, but we have to share our resources and take direction about how to use our privilege in ways that empower those who lack it.” -Bell Hooks.

Asians and African Americans are more likely to report a negative experience because of their race or ethnicity than other groups. Research says that about 4 in 10 African Americans say the police have unfairly stopped them because of their race or ethnicity. And not just race or ethnicity, equality is necessary for all aspects – age, gender, nationality, caste, or creed. Only when we look beyond these social barriers can we see the accurate picture of oneness and harmony in our world.

Celebrated on March 20 is the World Day of Social Justice. This celebration recognizes social justice as the need of the hour. It promotes raising awareness and working on poverty, gender inequality, unemployment, and fundamental human rights for all.

Goodera has enlisted some nonprofits that aim to achieve social justice through formal employment in 2022 and beyond.

1. Mustard Seed Project provides primary education, water, health care, and employment facilities

Mustard Seed is a Kenya-based nonprofit organization. Since its inception, Mustard Seed Project has worked tirelessly to give people education and skills to eradicate poverty in impoverished and overcrowded areas. 

Today, they run a school with a little over 300 children of ages 3 to 14 years. Here, each class comprises 25 students to ensure quality education.

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2. Positive Planet prioritizes the sustainable development of women and young people

Positive Planet International works to defend the socio-economic resilience of women and young people in France. For generations, these sections of our society have been excluded from traditional education and employment channels.

The development of economic autonomy of these vulnerable populations is their top priority. 

To achieve this, they connect them with experts in entrepreneurship and microfinance to promote their financial inclusion, foster entrepreneurship, and strengthen their positions in the market. They connect them to experts in entrepreneurship and microfinance to promote financial inclusion, foster entrepreneurship, and create the conditions for resilience in the face of personal and collective hazards.

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3. Rede Cidadã strives to bring solutions for generating work and income streams in Brazil

Rede Cidadã is a nonprofit organization that seeks social transformation by integrating life and work as a single value. It bets on outcome as a source of energy and an essential condition for people to become subjects of their history and achieve their autonomy, rights, and citizenship. 

Rede Cidadã was one of the first organizations to invest in social networking since 2002. They help bring civil society, companies, public bodies, and other social organizations to generate work and income together.

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4. Afrika Tikkun helps young people discover their most authentic potential

Founded in 1994, Afrika Tikkun works towards developing and uplifting young people in underprivileged communities in South Africa. Its flagship program Cradle-to-Career 360°(C2C) includes personal, leadership, and academic development. It also addresses the young person’s nutrition, health, and social needs.

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5. WeWorld Onlus guarantees the rights of the most vulnerable communities like those of women and girls

Founded in Milan in 1999 and authorized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WeWorld Onlus supports women and girls battling poverty in Italy, Asia, Africa, and South America.

They also work towards equality and sustainable development. Health, education, food reassurance, children’s and women’s rights, environmental sustainability, and community participation are their primary concerns.

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6. 1JustCity aims to reinforce and succor the work of social justice in Winnipeg

1JustCity is an organization that functions in three centers of Winnipeg’s core neighborhoods. These include West Broadway, the West End, and Osborne Village. 

They help over 15,000 poor, homeless, mentally ill, and lonely people every year. Its mission is to make everyone feel welcomed, supported, celebrated, and empowered.

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7. Daily Wage Worker Platform supports workers with food security, healthcare, and livelihoods in India

Daily Wage Worker Platform claims about 200+ initiatives across India. This organization supports close to 450 million migrants and daily wage workers. 

They connect NGOs, corporates, and governments. By doing so, they ensure food security, healthcare, and livelihoods of the underprivileged to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. The organization was formed in Geneva and Delhi in partnership with Jindal Global University and Shawview Consulting, Australia.

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8. Limitless aims to enable every youth with the opportunity to explore and develop their potential

Limitless strives to help the youth in Singapore. The organization assists them in building their lives by finding their worth. They work towards putting an end to powerlessness caused by poverty, mental illness, and social inequality. They achieve this through outreach programs, social work programs, mentorship, career counseling programs, and a care network to provide scholarships and employment for youths and their families.

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9. Malaysian Relief Agency strives to be an efficient humanitarian organization in delivering aid to the needy

MRA primarily functions in countries affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters. They work for healthcare, community development, shelter provision, education, economic empowerment, and food security. 

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10. Tellerlein deck dich helps children and young people get out of poverty in Switzerland

Tellerlein deck dich strives to create healthy nutrition for children and young people in Saxony. They believe education plays a crucial role in promoting a sustainable healthy lifestyle. And so, this organization uses educational campaigns to accomplish its goals and support poor children.

They also manage to gather regional cooperation and regional support to achieve this. They aim to break the vicious cycle of poverty. 

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11. HBISDRC (Haligi Ng Bata, Inc) envisions self-reliant individuals and communities that believe in their worth 

Haligi ng Bata, Inc. or HBI is a Philippine nonprofit organization that provides community and school-based development projects. They are operational in Metro Manila, La Union, & Negros Occidental. 

Founded in 1994, HBI is aptly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is registered, accredited, and certified to operate by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

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