No one is precisely the same. Everyone has unique talents, characteristics, strengths, and challenges. 

This includes people with Down Syndrome. Down syndrome (or Trisomy 21) is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement and is universally present across racial, gender, or socioeconomic lines. 

Down syndrome can cause varying degrees of intellectual and physical disabilities. 

The United Nations declared World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) on March 21 as the global awareness day on Down Syndrome since 2012.

Every year we come together with more and more nonprofits to help them achieve their mission through volunteering and brand building. This March 21, we have also added nonprofits helping people with Down syndrome to that list. 

We believe that the best way to support people with Down syndrome is to empower nonprofits directly by working with them. Below is a list of nonprofits that we have curated that are advancing the welfare of people with down syndrome and broadening our understanding of inclusion

1. For Life Thailand is changing the way we care for disabled children.

For Life Thailand has a vision where all children with disabilities can be raised in the comfort of their homes. They will be supported by their families with equal opportunities and an inclusive society.

They provide specialist care to some of Thailand’s most vulnerable children, giving them the love, tools, and support to thrive.

They are partnered with CCD (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities) in Thailand to increase their reach.  

Ways to help –

2. Down Syndrome Cork is assisting people with Down Syndrome in all aspects of their lives.

DSC provides support and resources, encourages active participation in the community, fosters positive attitudes, and most importantly, helps individuals with Down syndrome reach their full potential.

They have over 360 member families across the city and county in Cork. They are parents working together to support each other and their families for anyone born with Down syndrome. 

Ways to help –

3. Upsala Circus is intersecting circus and social issues to create an equal society.

Upsala Circus is an independent cultural project without government funding. They talk about important things through the circus, respond to social challenges, and create a society where we want children to be beneficiaries. 

The inclusive center trains artists with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral and mental characteristics. 

Upsala-Circus is the only team in Russia that manifests new circus values and applies its method to challenging cultural and social issues.

It stages unconventional and inclusive performances that attract over 12,000 visitors annually.

Ways to help –

  • Give their publication a Shout Out on Social Media 
  • Volunteer with the nonprofit and support the beneficiaries

4. Obrazfund is supporting orphans, lonely older adults, people with disabilities in Russia

Currently, the foundation team includes well-known scientists – teachers, psychologists, honorary workers of general education of the Russian Federation, honored teachers of the Russian Federation, federal experts from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.

Obrazfund’s mission is to embed the experience, knowledge & efforts of professionals and volunteers to help children with disabilities and other people facing different social obstacles.

Their goal is to build an effective interaction system between NGOs, businesses, and the government in the social sphere.

Ways to help –

  • Volunteer with the nonprofit and support the beneficiaries
  • Shop at Obrazfund.

5. Down Syndrome Cork Centre is catering to the needs of kids with Down Syndrome.

Founded by Peter Gaw and his wife, Mary, Down Syndrome Cork Centre resulted from a lack of accessibility to relevant services for their two youngest children. 

The charity has been around for a few years, and, in October 2014, they opened the doors to Ireland’s first services-led center for children with Down syndrome and their families. Their primary function is to provide vital services to children with Down syndrome aged 18 and below.

Their core ethos embraces Positivity – they strive to create a brighter future where children with Down syndrome are “able to” reach their full potential and live as independent and fulfilling lives as possible.

They now support over 200 families per week by providing a wide range of early intervention services. 

They provide a wide range of services and support over 200 families per week at their Centre. Their charges are nominal at €25 because most of their services are subsidized.

Ways to help –

6. Best Buddies International is establishing a global volunteer movement

Best Buddies International creates a safe and engaging atmosphere for people with developmental disabilities by creating personalized connections, leadership programs, and inclusive living.

The IDD community that Best Buddies serve includes, but is not limited to, people with Down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and other undiagnosed disabilities.

Their vision is to reach as many people with disabilities as possible so we can reach a level where there is no more need for Best Buddies. 

They want to integrate people with IDD into schools, workplaces, and communities so successfully that there is no more need for the services of Best Buddies.

Ways to help –

7. CAMP University is providing a safe environment for high school graduates.

Camp University provides opportunities for adults with special needs to continue developing interests and life, social, and job skills to achieve their Maximum Potential. CAMP.

CAMP University is a day habilitation program offered to High School Graduates with intellectual delays. They help them learn and collaborate with their peers to help them gain a better understanding of this world. 

CAMP University has been serving the community for over ten years, and their efforts make a significant impact in the lives of those high school students and their families.

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