For a human being, two chambers need to be really strong and healthy. One is the body and another one is the most crucial part that is the mind. To preserve its beauty and wellness few leaders have come forward together and commenced their work regarding the same. 

They are the world leaders for mental-health, each one of them is cherry-picked to accomplish the phenomenal journey. The venture of making the world free of sickness not from outside but inside. From Mauritius to Ecuador, Croatia, Kiribati, Liberia, The Gambia, Andalusia, mali, France. It also includes leaders and speakers from the State of African Diaspora, Palestine, Malawi, USA, Sudan, the list is kinda never-ending.  The sole purpose of all the crusaders is to revamp the policies regarding mental health all across the world. Desire they hold is to bring the grey areas of mental sickness in front of the world and exert them to give it a strong introspection.

The President of the World Leaders for Mental Health, Prof, Nabhit Kapur says, ‘It started with a thought and now the tables have turned and one single thought has become a full-fledged mission that has flicked various personalities. I am fortunate enough to acquire the support or assistance of such renowned people and would like to express my gratitude to them. And we all have aced up our sleeves to walk in the right direction and will probably keep on getting closer to our destination.’

Some of the honorable leaders are – Ameenah Gurib Fakim, Rosalia Arteaga, Ivo Josipovic, Anote Tong, Jewel H Taylor, Fatoumata Jallow, Pedro Altamirano, Louis George Tin, Moussa Mara, Nora Berra, Dr. Basem Naim, Patricia Ane Kaliati, Ismail Zabeeh, Dr. Maryan Qasim,  Dr. Kirk Schneider, Adil Ati and many more are in the list. The mission and vision are to record the registry of all the world leaders along with their signs that can be acquired by people all across the globe. Also, wants to form up a partnership with other global organizations with the same interest. 

All the leaders of WLMH derive from different fields, which is the beauty of the organization. Some of them are policy experts, few are associated with civil societies and several emerge as professionals in the domain of mental health.  Now the procedure of their functioning is quite simple, each of the leaders forms up a strong and close relationship with the local residents. They try to make a bond with the population in order to find the on-ground mental health issues and to construct and establish powerful campaigns and initiatives.

They aspire to put forward arguments and facts in the favour of mental health on enormous platforms. Various campaigns and events are ushered with the guidance of offices of leaders across the world. Rwanda, Federation States of Micronesia, Kenya, Suriname, Sint Maarten, Libya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Zambia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia also represent the mission.

It is not as easy as shelling peas, a lot of time and endeavor is required to sow the seeds of such a decisive subject. They all have started it, now it’s our turn to play our part of the story and help them in this wise errand. We all need to build up a globe free from mental health issues and sickness, all humans deserve happiness and peace. It is time to get involved with the people around us and begin to have conversations with them. A single hello holds the power to change the whole life of a person and give them a new ray of hope and heal them from within.