No matter how cruel you may think the world is, there are numerous individuals that want to support you. When someone is passionate about something and they go out on a limb to prove that, a hefty percentage of people will give. There are infinite ideas within minds all over this Earth, yet so many of us fear that people won’t support them. There is a reason crowdfunding has become so popular and I have faith in the intentions of others.

We all love to feel as if we are a part of something during our existence. While not everyone is considered a “giver,” it is important to understand that lots are. I recently ran a two week clothing campaign for my new business and I couldn’t believe the support I received. As I watched the sales add up online, I realized that passion drives everything. Humans love feeding into other people’s dreams and if you have a precise mission, the support will come.

A few days back I had a friend tell me they were afraid to post their writing online and support was all she needed. After telling her that the world needs her creativity, she had decided to start editing her work this weekend. Sometimes it only takes that ounce of support to get us going and sometimes it feels better to give than to receive. We all seek support in certain areas of our life and we can’t maximize our potential without the help of others. Trust in the support that people give and keep working on who you wish to become.

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