Imagine not having access to basic amenities like shelter, food, and water because you were born in the wrong place and time. A little unfair, isn’t it? This is the plight of the 27.1 million refugees worldwide. 

Every year on June 20, World Refugee Day is observed. This day was previously commemorated as Africa Refugee Day. Accordingly, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution notifying that the Organization of African Unity had agreed to share this date as World Refugee Day on December 4, 2000. On June 20, 2001, the first World Refugee Day was observed. Furthermore, the year marked the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951, where the definition of a refugee was established.

By acknowledging and commemorating World Refugee Day, we recognize that refugees are human beings who deserve our compassion and support as they rebuild their lives in new countries. As part of observing World Refugee Day, Goodera has compiled a list of nonprofit organizations dedicated to bringing the world’s attention to the global refugee crisis and helping them overcome this crisis. Consider contributing to the cause by taking a look.

1. Serve the city Paris is part of a global volunteer movement helping people in need. 

A 10-year-old organization, Serve the city, acts as a bridge between volunteers of Paris and the humanitarian needs of the city. They primarily work for asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless, and underprivileged foreigners in Paris. The organization runs entirely on donations from corporations and individuals. 

Head to their Facebook and Instagram to know more about them. 

2. Acció Solidària i Logística provides intervention in refugee camps 

In line with the principles of global justice, Acció Solidària i Logística (ASL)empowers organizations, communities, and initiatives. As part of its mission, ASL constructs health and educational infrastructures, provides logistics support for IDP camps and programs related to water sanitation, and intervenes in civil protection cases.

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3. Fenix Aid provides holistic legal aid to refugees in Greece

Fenix Aid works with the mission to empower refugees and remove the barriers that hinder them from effectively exercising their right to seek asylum. Their services include legal aid and representation, protection and case management, and psychological support to asylum seekers. 

To know more about them, head to their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

4. International Rescue Committee helps to recover and rebuild the lives of asylum seekers

As a result of Albert Einstein’s call in 1933, IRC helps people affected by crises to survive, recover and regain control of their future. Health care, education, and empowerment of members of the community to become self-reliant are some of the ways they create lasting change, with a focus on countering inequalities for women and girls. The IRC is active in over 40 countries and over 20 U.S. cities. 

You can stay updated on their activities by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. ShelterBox USA provides aid to build not just a roof, but a home 

In order to achieve the vision of ‘A world where no family is without shelter after a disaster’, ShelterBox USA helps rebuild lives and homes for those affected by disasters. Highly trained ShelterBox Response Teams to distribute aid on the ground, working closely with local leaders, organizations, international aid agencies, and Rotary clubs worldwide. Over the last two decades, ShelterBox has become one of the world’s foremost humanitarian organizations, providing emergency shelter for the world’s most vulnerable citizens. It is actively working to provide aid to crisis-stricken areas like Ukraine, Yemen, and Syria. 

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6. Startup Refugees offers employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to the people on the move 

Asylum seekers, refugees, and other immigrants can get career guidance, skills development, and help with starting a business through this organization founded in 2015. Startup Refugees has a network of more than 1000 members, including companies, government officials, NGOs, universities, congregations, research institutes, communities, and individuals. They also have a Match Made in Startup Refugees platform, which contains more than 6000 newcomers’ profiles in the database. Each profile provides information about a person’s education, work experience, skills, motivation, and how to take the next step toward employment.

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7. German Red Cross provides humanitarian aid 

By rescuing people, helping them in emergencies, establishing community, supporting the poor and needy, and overseeing international humanitarian law, the GRC aims to improve human conditions in Germany and worldwide.

To know more about their work, read their blogs and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

8. Refugee Services of Texas is committed to improving the lives of refugees 

Refugee Services of Texas seeks to integrate refugees, immigrants, and other displaced peoples into their new communities in a compassionate manner based on the principles of human dignity. RST’s mission is to provide social services to refugees and displaced people fleeing persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a racial, ethnic, linguistic, or cultural group, as well as to the communities that welcome them. 

You can stay updated with their actions and programs by following them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

 9. Jana Watan aims to bring joy to those who are suffering

An organization licensed in Turkey, Jana Watan works in the humanitarian sector and supports the role of civil society. Through its advocacy of citizenship and the preservation of human rights, the organization defends girls’ and women’s issues. It ensures effective participation, as well as empowering and engaging youth and marginalized communities. Furthermore, it supports just, secure, and sustainable peace processes, as well as issues related to detainees, forced disappearances, survivors of arrest, and violations of property rights.

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10. South Dakota Voices for Peace is working towards a diverse and inclusive South Dakota 

South Dakota Voices for Peace was incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of South Dakota. South Dakota Voices for Justice, its sister organization devoted to lobbying and policy work, was also incorporated. Together, the two organizations strive to empower residents, build strategic alliances, and combat top-down legislation that discriminates against Muslims, immigrants, and refugees in South Dakota.

Learn more about them on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. 

Observe World Refugee Day with Goodera 

While government aid around the world has tried to keep up with the ever-increasing need for housing, food, water, and clothing, it has always found itself falling short. The amount of suffering that these helpless people endure is beyond our comprehension. What we can (and must) do, however, is acknowledge the magnitude of the problem and give support wherever possible.

Goodera supports this cause by showcasing these nonprofits and matching them with corporate volunteers eager to provide their services. 

Let us help get the word out about your nonprofit. Talk to our team and share your impact story with us! 


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